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    Wireless Crane Scale 50kg/ 100kg/ 200kg to 1000kg

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    Wireless crane scale with for sale, with function of Bluetooth remote control, capacity from 50kg/ 100kg/ 200kg/ 300kg/ 500kg to 1000kg, optional weighing units kg, lb and N and kilogram (kg) as the default unit. Crane scale with aluminum alloy casing, sturdy and durable and equipped with 5-digit large digital tube display (character height 30mm), charger DC 9V/1000mA. Crane weight scale can rotate 360°, work temperature at -10℃~40℃, easy to use , portable to take and safety operation.
    SKU: ATO-CRS-1000
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    Wireless crane scale hook rotates 360°, comes with 5-digit large digital tube display, capacity from 50kg/ 100kg/ 200kg/ 300kg/ 500kg to 1000kg. With aluminum alloy casing, work at -10℃~40℃, optional units kg, lb and N.


    Model ATO-GSP909-005 ATO-GSP909-01 ATO-GSP909-02 ATO-GSP909-03 ATO-GSP909-05 ATO-GSP909-1
    Capacity (kg) 50kg 100kg 200kg 300kg 500kg 1000kg
    Gross Weight (kg) 5kg 5kg 5kg 5kg 5.5kg 5.5kg
    Net Weight (kg) 4kg 4kg 4kg 4kg 4.5kg 4.5kg
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Display 5-digit large digital tube display (character height 30mm)
    Initial zero range 20% F.S.
    Manual zero range 4% F.S.
    Tare range 100% F.S.
    Reading stabilization time ≤10 seconds
    Overload alarm value 100% F.S.+9e
    Safety load 125% F.S.
    Ultimate load 400% F.S.
    Continuous use time ≥50 hours
    Power supply Fully sealed rechargeable lead-acid battery 6V/5Ah
    Charger DC 9V/1000mA
    Operating temperature range -10°C~ 40°C(14°F ~ 1049F)
    Use humidity range ≤85% at 20°C
    Remote control receiving distance 15 meters
    Remote control power 7# battery 1.5V*2
    Indicator display area ZERO: "Zero" indicator light
    TARE: "Tare" indicator light
    HOLD: "Hold" indicator light
    STB: "Stability" indicator light
    Lb: "Sterling" indicator light
    Kg: "Catties" indicator light


    Detail of display

    Wireless crane scale display


    Wireless crane scale dimension

    Wireless crane scale size

    Capacity (kg) Division (kg) A (mm) C (mm) H (mm)
    50kg 0.02kg 34 25 370
    100kg 0.05kg 34 25 370
    200kg 0.1kg 34 25 370
    300kg 0.1kg 34 25 370
    500kg 0.2kg 42 27 390
    1000kg 0.5kg 42 27 390



    1. Wireless crane scale with function of Bluetooth remote control, and remote control receiving distance up to 15 meters, convenient and easy to use.
    2. Swivel hook 360° rotatable hook, safe and convenient to use.
    3. Multiple weighing units: kilograms (kg), British pounds (lb), Newtons (N) and other measurement units can be selected. Normally, set kilogram (kg) as the default unit.
    4. Gross/net weight, zero setting, automatic zero point tracking, accumulation, maintenance, overload alarm and record, anti-shake effect, remote control calibration and other functions.
    5. Aluminum alloy casing, sturdy and durable structure and 5-digit large digital display (character height 30mm).
    6. Graduation value is optional. Gravity acceleration value can be adjusted according to the customer's location.
    7. When you press and hold the remote control, office-button, the indicator light on the remote control is on, which means that the infrared rays of the remote control are effectively emitting.

     Tips: What are some safety tips when using wireless crane scales?

    1. When designing this crane scale, its safety factor has been considered, but remember not to exceed its maximum capacity (Cap.) when in use. The maximum capacity has been marked on the obvious part of the crane scale.
    2. Please regularly check the rings, hooks and other parts, cotter pins, and screws every three months for looseness, deformation, cracks, etc. If you find any abnormalities, please stop using them immediately and send them back to the dealer for repairs.
    3. If the crane scale is not used for a long time, in order to ensure the life of the battery, please charge it every three months and charge it before use.
    4. A special charger is attached to the crane scale. Please use this charger to charge. During the charging process, it is normal if the charger feels slightly hot.
    5. Do not disassemble and repair the electronic crane scale by yourself.
    6. When the display screen flashes, it means that the crane scale needs to be charged. When the screen flashes, if it is not charged immediately, the crane scale will work for about 2 hours, then automatically cut off the power supply and enter the battery protection state. It must be charged before it can be used again.
    7. When the object to be weighed (tare weight + net weight) exceeds the maximum capacity of the crane scale, the subtitle will flash and display【-OL-】until the scale returns to normal. In order to ensure the safe use of the crane scale, overloading is strictly prohibited.
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    Crane scale value for the price
    Well built wireless scale we use. Wireless crane scale is a sturdy Bluetooth scale and display easy to read accurately. Installation so fast without any issues. It is obvious with build quality and performance so well. Overall, this looks decent.
    From: Betty | Date: 30/12/2022
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