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    Industrial Ethernet Switch Price List

    Industrial Ethernet switch, also known as industrial switch, is an Ethernet switch used in the field of industrial control. Due to the network standards adopted, it has good openness and wide application. Industrial switch is specifically designed to meet the needs of flexible industrial applications, providing a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communication solution.

    ATO provides different types of industrial Ethernet switch, such as unmanaged Ethernet switch and managed Ethernet switch. In the following, ATO store will show you our price list of industrial switch.

    Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Price List:

    Product SKU Twisted-pair Port Number Price
    Unmanaged industrial switch price list ATO-ES-EN2208 100m 8 $169.23
    ATO-ES-GE2212G 12 $798.46
    ATO-ES-EN2016 16 $422.31
    ATO-ES-GE3020G 20 $924.00

    Managed Ethernet Switch Price List:

    Product SKU Priority Queue Port Number Price
    Managed industrial switch price list ATO-ES-EN5205C 4 5 $601
    ATO-ES-EN6208 8 $584.61
    ATO-ES-SCOM7210 10 $746.15
    ATO-ES-EN6216 16 $738.46
    ATO-ES-SCOM7220G 20 $1073.85

    Note: The prices in the table list are for reference only. If you want to get current quotation and other customized products information, please contact us now.

    Troubleshooting of Industrial Ethernet Switch:

    • The fiber port is broken. Generally, the fiber is broken when the fiber is accidentally stepped on during the debugging of the industrial Ethernet switch, and occasionally it is found to be broken during the transportation process. There is no response after the switch Ethernet port is connected to the device (the LED is not lit): Please confirm whether the connected device is powered. If it is a fiber port, please confirm whether the two optical ports of the interconnection match, whether the fiber is good, whether the fiber matches the optical port, whether the fiber crosses connection. If you cannot solve the problem after eliminating the above reasons, please contact technical support.
    • Unstable communication between devices. Check if the rate and duplex mode of the twisted pair port of the industrial switch match with the device. At present, the twisted pair ports of the new device support adaptive mode (100M full duplex), but the twisted pair ports of some older devices may be 10M half duplex, 100M half duplex or 100M full duplex. Change the working mode of the corresponding port of the switch to be the same as the device.
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