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    What are the Advantages of Industrial Ethernet Switch?

    Industrial Ethernet switch, that is, Ethernet switch equipment applied in the field of industrial control, because of the network standard adopted, its openness, wide application and low price, the use of transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

    We need to know not only what an industrial switch is, but also what its advantages are. In this article, ATO automation will give you a detailed introduction.

    Industrial switch advantage

    • High reliability and consistency of data transmission. Before this, the world's industrial switch faster common fault cure time of 20ms. However, no matter how short the cure time of common faults in ring network is, it will inevitably lead to the loss of data message format during the exchange period, which is intolerable in the control instruction layer. There is no doubt that the zero cure has not only improved the technology, but also ensured the reliability and consistency of the data.
    • Bus-type internet, to achieve a network cable. The bus internet allows users to customize the control device. According to the virtual Mac terminal device as the same device, the network switch regards the control device as the same device, so that the devices share data and resources with each other, ensuring the relevance of the control. Industrial switches apply a variety of bus protocols and I/O jacks to complete the digitalization of bus data. Instead of unconventional point-to-point mode, the Internet and bus network resource utilization efficiency and profit maximization. Thus to complete the smart network configuration, can be connected with the dashboard, industrial lens and other equipment on the spot, so that PLC can access to the I/O equipment that is longer distance, greatly reduce the total number of PLC in the whole system, significantly reduce the cost of the integrated system. In addition, industrial Ethernet switches can also be integrated into the internet computer monitoring software according to the web real-time monitoring system connection points, and has the function of common fault alarm, convenient remote control protection and management method.
    • Quick and practical. Industrial switch has the feature of data priority, allowing users to customize some equipment as fast data equipment. When fast data occurs in the ring network, the general data will give up the seat for fast data. It prevents the traditional network switch from using the control instruction layer because the data delay is too large.
    • Autonomous and controllable design scheme. Industrial switch belongs to the independent research and development of commodities, with commodity patent rights. Its key software/hardware configurations, goods and service items, etc. are completed autonomously and controllable. Most of them can ensure that there are no intentional side doors and can constantly improve or repair system vulnerabilities.
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