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    How to Use and Maintain Electric Pressure Washer?

    Electric pressure washer has a strong cleaning capacity, can be deep cleaning in complex environment, so it is widely loved by people, but if use in improper way will also have a great danger. However, how to avoid safety accidents and how to maintain the electric pressure washer after use? This article will answer for you one by one.

    Using Tips

    1. When using the electric pressure washer: always wear appropriate goggles, gloves and mask.Electric Pressure Washer
    2. Always keep hands and feet away from cleaning nozzles.
    3. Always check all electric connections.
    4. Always check all fluids.
    5. Always check hoses for cracks and leaks.
    6. When not using the electric pressure washer gun, the trigger needs to be set in a safe locked state.
    7. Use the lowest pressure possible to work, but also to ensure that this pressure is sufficient to complete the job.
    8. Before disconnecting the hose, remember to release the pressure in the Electric Pressure Washer first.
    9. Always drain the hose after each use.
    10. Never point the gun at yourself or others.
    11. Never start the unit until you have checked that all hose connections are locked in place.
    12. Never start the equipment until you have connected the supply water and allowed the proper amount of water to flow through the spray gun bar. Then connect the required cleaning nozzle to the spray gun bar.
    • Note: Do not leave the electric pressure washer in operation unsupervised. The pump will run in bypass mode each time the trigger is released. If a pump has been running in bypass mode for a long time, it will cause the temperature of the circulating water in the pump to be too high thus shortening the life of the pump or even damaging it. Therefore, avoid running the equipment in bypass mode for a long time.

    Daily maintenance - after each use of Electric Pressure Washer

    1. Flush the hoses and filters connected to the detergent to remove all detergent residues to help prevent corrosion.
    2. Turn off the water supply connected to the electric pressure washer.
    3. Release all pressure from the hose by pulling the trigger on the servo gun lever.
    4. Remove the rubber hose and pressure hose from the electric pressure washer.
    5. Turn the electric source switch to the "on" and "off" positions four to five times for 1-3 seconds each to remove water from the pump. This procedure helps protect the pump from damage.

    Regular maintenance - every 2 months

    1. Regularly removing fuel deposits from the storage tank will extend the life and performance of the engine. Fuel deposits can cause damage to fuel lines, fuel filters and carburetors.
    2. Protect the electric pressure washer with a guard kit when it is not in use. The pump guard kit is specifically designed to protect the pressure washer from corrosion, premature wear, freezing, etc., and to lubricate the valves and seals to prevent them from seizing.

    End of use/maintenance

    1. Turn off the electric pressure washer.
    2. Disconnect the pressure hose and servo spray gun rod from the pump.
    3. Attach the valve to the pump guard tank and open the valve.
    4. Start and open the washing button; draw all material in the tank into the pump.
    5. Turn off the washing button; the electric pressure washer can be stored directly.

    Electric pressure washer applications

    Notice: The electric pressure washer is precision equipment and has high pressure inside! Not a professional, please do not disassemble and repair the machine by yourself to prevent the expansion of the fault.

    This is the end about the article, and if you still want to consult more information about ATO electric pressure washer, welcome to leave a message in the comment section.

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