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    How to Select a Pressure Washer?

    The pressure washer is a machine that washes the surface of objects by a power unit to generate high-pressure water from high-pressure piston pump. It can remove and wash away the dirt to reach the purpose of clean the surface of objects. Using high-pressure water column to clean the dirt, high-pressure washes is a clean way that is the most scientific, economic and environmental in the world. However, how to choose a pressure washer?

    1. Usages

    There are three kinds of pressure washers according to amount of usages. One is the household pressure washer, if your using time of the pressure washer is less than 50 hours of a year, you just need to purchase a household pressure washer. It is cheaper and lightweight, adopting simple and thermolabile materials. Another is the commercial pressure washer, if your using time of the pressure washer is more than 100 hours, you need to take the commercial pressure washer into consideration. The commercial pressure washer has big volume, which adopts durable materials, such as the copper alloy pump head, the stainless valve and so on. The third one is the industrial pressure washer that is suitable to some technology requirements like high-pressure water cutting. So to choose a pressure washer depends on what you need.An Electric Pressure Washer

    2. Demand of hot and cold water

    Depending on demand of occasion, pressure washers can be divided into hot water and cold water types. Generally, most of the sales are cold water pressure washers in the market that uses by injecting cold water. However, some places of business need to be cleaned by hot water, it is necessary to choose a hot water pressure washer. If hot water is injected into a cold water pressure washer, internal components, including water pump will be extremely fast damaged, which is lost than gained.
    The hot water pressure washer is installed a heating device that heats water using combustion cylinder generally. Using the hot water pressure washer can flush quickly the dirt and grease stains that is not easy to be cleaned by the cold water pressure washer. It greatly improves cleaning efficiency. The hot water pressure washer has high prices and running costs, but it is worth to purchase it in order to improve cleaning efficiency and effect.

    3. Option of driving force

    Due to different driving forces, pressure washers can be divided into the electric pressure washer, diesel oil pressure washer and gasoline pressure washer. The diesel oil and the gasoline pressure washer can move randomly without electric wires. And the electric pressure washer has electric wires, which operates in charging with electricity. The electric pressure washer is more economic and environmental, which is without waste materials. And it is cheaper than diesel oil and gasoline pressure washers in purchase operation costs.

    4. Select an appropriate nozzle

    Different nozzles have different cleaning effects. For example, round water nozzles can improve cleaning efficiency, and sector nozzles can rotate flexibly as a low-pressure spray (can spray soap water) and high-pressure sector water. Low-pressure brushes can spray low-pressure water for cleaning lightly. It is necessary to select an appropriate nozzle according to your demands.

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