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    How does electric pressure washer work?

    An electric pressure washer is a cleaning device commonly used in modern households that rinses surfaces of objects by applying high-yield water. Because the water resource is more convenient and abundant, it can be recycled and used, and the high-pressure water washing efficiency is high, which can wash away various difficult-to-clean stains. The electric pressure washer is economical, environmentally friendly and scientific. Next, we will introduce its working principle for you, and take you to understand the electric pressure washer in detail.


    Before understanding the principle of high-pressure cleaners, we must first understand the types of electric pressure washer.

    Electric pressure washers are generally divided into two types, hot water and cold water, but generally the pressure of hot water electric pressure washer our commonly used is not higher than 250bar. Hot water electric pressure washers are mainly used to clean stubborn dirt, which are heated by expansion tubes. When water passes through the pipeline, the pressure of the pipeline will be relatively large. If the bearing capacity of the expansion tube does not increase, the pressure of the hot water high pressure cleaner will not increase either.Electric pressure washer

    If the pressure of the expansion tube increases, the cost will also increase, so the working pressure of the hot water electric pressure washer will be around 200bar. When high pressure is required, the cleaning effect is generally achieved by the working pressure of the high-pressure cold water washer. When it is necessary to clean oil stains and various stubborn stains, it is necessary to use a hot water electric pressure washer or a saturated steam cleaner.

    According to the different driving engines, electric pressure washers can be divided into three types: motor drive, gasoline drive and diesel drive. The only difference between these three electric pressure washers is the different driving methods. The motor-driven electric pressure washer is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but the power is smaller, and there are restrictions on the need to plug in the power cord. The latter two washing machines have relatively high power and need to be connected with a power cord, which can meet the cleaning needs of various environments.

    Working principle

    Simply speaking, the motor drives the three-cylinder plunger pump to form a high-pressure water flow, which flushes the surface of the object to be cleaned through the trigger spray gun. The water pump completes a process of suction and discharge of water through power drive, and transports a certain amount of water to the high-pressure pipeline, and the discharged water forms low-flow high-pressure water through power drive. Then the water is sent to the booster pump, and then enters the high-pressure nozzle after the booster process. The diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than that of the high-pressure pipeline. Therefore, when the water reaches the high-pressure nozzle and wants to flow out of the nozzle hole, it must be accelerated so that it reaches the high-pressure nozzle with a large amount of energy. Only in this way, the water that accelerates condensation through the nozzle hole can form the jet.

    When the jet from the electric pressure washer hits the cleaning object, it is called a jet operation. When the impact force of the electric pressure washer jet is greater than the adhesion of the dirt and the surface of the object, the electric pressure washer jet will peel off the dirt and wash it away,

    so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the object. The high-pressure cleaner has a novel and compact structure, light weight, flexible and convenient operation and easy maintenance. It has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, strong cleaning power and energy saving.

    How to select electric pressure washer?

    General electric pressure washers can be divided into household and commercial. You only need to buy a household pressure washer if you use it less than 50 hours a year. Its price is relatively cheap, the weight is light, the material is simple, and it is heat-resistant. If the use time is more than 100 hours, it is necessary to consider a professional electric pressure washer, which is larger in size and made of durable materials such as copper recording heads and stainless steel valves. Of course, the price is much more expensive. So how to choose should depend on the needs of consumers.

    Occasion requirements

    Generally, most of the market is cold-water electric pressure washers, which can be used by injecting normal temperature water from the tap, but some business places require hot water washing, and then special hot-water electric pressure washers must be purchased.

    A heating device is added to the hot water washing machine, which generally uses a combustion cylinder to heat the water. Hot water can quickly wash away the dirt and oil stains that are not easy to remove with cold water, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency. But because of the high price of hot water washing machines and high operating costs (because diesel oil is used), most users may choose ordinary cold water electric pressure washer machines. Of course, in order to improve the cleaning efficiency and effect, there are still many professional customers who will choose hot water washing machines.

    Nozzle selection

    The cleaning effect caused by different nozzles is also different. For example, the circular water column nozzle can increase the cleaning efficiency, and the low-pressure nozzle of the fan-shaped water column can spray low-pressure water flow, which is suitable for gentle scrubbing, etc. Some of these nozzles will be provided as a gift, and some must be purchased by yourself, so you must choose carefully when purchasing.

    Cleaning strength

    The biggest difference between the hot water electric pressure washer and the cold water electric pressure washer is that there is an extra heating device in front, which can heat the water to a certain temperature before injecting it. Since the cleaning ability of hot water is greater than that of cold water, the cleaning function of hot water electric pressure washer is greater than that of cold water electric pressure washers, and the improvement of efficacy also brings about the problem of increased consumption. However, since gasoline-driven and diesel-driven electric pressure washers are driven by fuel oil, they can generate a lot of heat energy during operation. Therefore, many electric pressure washers are designed to directly use the combustion cylinder to heat water, which reduces consumption to a certain extent.

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