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    What is Smoke Detector Function?

    When there is a fire, the smoke will cause hypoxia of the human body. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the human body will have difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. When the smoke enters the lungs, it can cause death by suffocation due to its weakened ability to combine oxygen and carbon dioxide. When smoke enters the body through the respiratory system, it raises the awareness of respiratory diseases. To protect people's health and safety, smoke detectors were created. Smoke detector is to monitor the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, it is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable detector and is widely used in a variety of fire alarm systems. So let's learn what smoke alarms can do.

    Smoke Detector Alarm Price List

    A smoke alarm is an electronic device that monitors the concentration of smoke to prevent fires. There will be a smoke sensor in the smoke inlet to detect smoke particles in the air, the horn hole is used to generate a high-pitched alarm sound when an alarm is issued, and the self-test/silence button is used for self-test of the equipment and cancellation of the alarm. There will be an indicator light on each smoke alarm, and the red light will flash regularly. When the smoke alarm is in normal working condition, the indicator light will flash regularly (about 1 minute). Once an alarm occurs, the indicator light will flash quickly or stay on, accompanied by a buzzer.

    How to Choose the Best Smoke Alarm Detector?

    Smoke detection alarms are widely used in daily life production. Whether it is in a residential area or in an industrial park, smoke detection alarms can be seen everywhere. The main function of this device is to monitor the fire safety situation in the area. Once it senses the smoke, it will alarm quickly. It is equivalent to a pair of piercing eyes that do not stop for 24 hours, and observe the surrounding fire conditions at all times. Because of its high functionality, low cost, and the need for fire management, it is widely used in the market, and smoke detectors are installed in almost every place to monitor fires. At present, domestic smoke alarms are all photoelectric. Because of the large market demand, there are many brands of smoke detectors on the market. When you choose a product, you will face a problem of how to choose. You can choose from the following considered aspects:

    What is photoelectric smoke detector?

    The photoelectric smoke detector is composed of a light source, a photoelectric element and an electronic switch. It is developed by utilizing the basic property that the smoke generated during a fire can change the propagation characteristics of light. The photoelectric smoke detector adopts a photoelectric sensor with a special structure design, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, stability and reliability, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, and easy to use. Its circuit and power supply can be self-tested, and analog alarm tests can be performed.

    Why is Smoke Detector Beeping?

    In order to make buildings safer and avoid the probability of fire, most people have installed smoke alarms in buildings, but many people don’t know much about smoke alarms. How can we solve the problem if it keeps beeping? Is the smoke alarm going off for no reason because formaldehyde exceeds the standard? In fact, this has nothing to do with formaldehyde, it may involve a variety of reasons.

    Difference between Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are two different instruments, and they have obvious differences in nature. Next, we will provide you with detailed information to explain their differences in different aspects.