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    What is Smoke Detector Function?

    When there is a fire, the smoke will cause hypoxia of the human body. When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, the human body will have difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. When the smoke enters the lungs, it can cause death by suffocation due to its weakened ability to combine oxygen and carbon dioxide. When smoke enters the body through the respiratory system, it raises the awareness of respiratory diseases. To protect people's health and safety, smoke detectors were created. Smoke detector is to monitor the concentration of smoke to achieve fire prevention, it is a kind of advanced technology, stable and reliable detector and is widely used in a variety of fire alarm systems. So let's learn what smoke alarms can do.

    Working principle

    The smoke detector has a radioactive source americium-241 inside and outside the ionization chamber. The positive and negative ions CO2 smoke detectorproduced by ionization move to the positive and negative electrodes respectively under the action of electric field. Under normal conditions, the current and voltage of the internal and external ionization chamber are stable. If any smoke escapes and get out of the room, causing interference with the normal movement of charged particles, current, voltage will be changed to destroy the balance between the internal and external ionization chamber. Then wireless transmitter will send wireless smoke alarm signal, notify the distant host, the alarm information will be transmitted.


    The smoke detector can not only detect the presence of smoke in time, but also send the smoke alarm information to the fire control center for handling or take other s to control the spread of smoke indoors.

    Automatic smoke identification

    Smoke produces large amounts of chemical fumes when it burns. Therefore, when the fire source is near the fire area, if the smoke from the combustion is detected, the smoke detector will immediately convert it into an audible and visual alarm signal, and inform the fire personnel to deal with it in time. If the smoke detector does not receive the alarm signal in time, the fire department will not deal with the smoke accident in time. Because the smoke detector can alarm the substance that produces smoke, the smoke detector has a high detection accuracy for smoke. And the smoke detector can be processed by sound and light alarm signal.

    Fire protection linkageWireless photoelectric smoke alarm

    When a fire occurs, the smoke detector can send fire alarm information to the linkage control center. The linkage controller can receive the fire alarm signal, process the fire signal, and feed the fire signal back to the fire control center. The fire center will process the fire signal and send it to the fire smoke detector. After receiving the fire signal, it will process the relevant signal and send out the fire alarm signal. The fire monitoring center can send the fire alarm information to the fire control center based on the location of the smoke detector and the smoke detector. After receiving the smoke detector information, the fire control center will react quickly to process and control the relevant information to ensure the normal operation of the automatic fire alarm system; At the same time, the fire control center will complete the relevant process, carry out processing and control operations through receiving the fire alarm information from the smoke detector.

    Remote control

    In case of fire, the smoke detector cannot detect the smoke in time, or the smoke cannot be detected because of power failure or other reasons, the smoke evacuation area or smoke prevention area can be controlled by remote control. If there is a fire danger in the room, the smoke detector can’t detect the smoke in time and the room is surrounded by smoke. At this time if the smoke detector alarm, the fire alarm information will be sent to the fire command center instruction for processing. If the alarm still exists or the smoke cannot be detected due to power failure and other reasons, resulting in no one indoors, the smoke detector can be closed for evacuation and self-rescue to avoid casualties. In addition, emergency precautions such as smoke detectors for fire protection, control of the spread of smoke areas and access to smoke-proof areas can be adopted to avoid casualties. In the case of frequent fire accidents and unable to rescue timely and effective, it is necessary to organize evacuation action and rescue force quickly after the fire. Once a fire occurs, it is very important for the fire fight personnel to quickly and accurately eliminate the fire in the bud and carry out fighting and rescue precautions in the first time.

    Monitoring areaFire smoke detector wired

    Generally, the smoke detectors in the monitoring area are infrared and gas detectors. Infrared smoke detectors are generally used in areas affected by smoke and prone to fire hazards. For smoke-free rooms and areas with large fire hazards, smoke infrared detectors are used. Generally, smoke detectors should have the following characteristics:

    1. Smog concentration is less than 0.1 ppm. This is a change in smog concentration that we often encounter. When the smoke concentration is within a certain range, the detection equipment will send alarm signals, and send out sound alarm information; but if the smoke concentration exceeds the alarm threshold, the detector will send out sound and light alarm information.

    2. Gas concentration in the air in the region. For example, due to the smoke has a large fire risk to affect the overall public security environment in the some hospitals and some office buildings area, they take gas detection precautions in order to ensure that the alarm information is sent out in time and dealt with effectively.

    3 The use of smoke infrared detector can detect whether the air contains combustible gas and harmful gas; In addition gas detection can also be used with electronic structure of gas detection elements. The smoke detector has the function of reacting with the ambient gas without being affected by the change of external factors.


    In the event of a fire, fire smoke detectors cannot detect the presence of a fire right away. So if you want to prevent the occurrence of fire, you must do a good job of prevention before the fire. Therefore, once found indoor fire, immediately inform people to all indoor evacuation to a safe place through the doorbell or smoke alarm notification. Always pay attention to whether there are people or other people present in the room. If someone fails to find the fire in time, it is necessary to inform the surrounding personnel to evacuate in time.

    Feature of smoke detector alarm

    The appearance of the smoke detector is more exquisite and also more beautiful, and its installation is more convenient. Smoke detectors are generally intelligent control, can self-detection, so its performance will be relatively stable and reliable.

    The smoke detector can be used with the home burglar alarm system, or can be set up separately, so its use function is more overall. Smoke detector can detect all kinds of indoor smoke. If it reaches a certain concentration, it will issue an alarm, and its indicator light will be on, output alarm signal until the control center, so as to enable people to detect the cause of the leak, eliminate the hidden danger of safety. This smoke detector is suitable for home or large stores, including warehouses and so on, which can be used for fire alarm.

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