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    How to Choose the Best Smoke Alarm Detector?

    Smoke detection alarms are widely used in daily life production. Whether it is in a residential area or in an industrial park, smoke detection alarms can be seen everywhere. The main function of this device is to monitor the fire safety situation in the area. Once it senses the smoke, it will alarm quickly. It is equivalent to a pair of piercing eyes that do not stop for 24 hours, and observe the surrounding fire conditions at all times. Because of its high functionality, low cost, and the need for fire management, it is widely used in the market, and smoke detectors are installed in almost every place to monitor fires. At present, domestic smoke alarms are all photoelectric. Because of the large market demand, there are many brands of smoke detectors on the market. When you choose a product, you will face a problem of how to choose. You can choose from the following considered aspects:

    Place of smoke alarm use

    Smoke detection alarms can be used in various places. Most places have no special requirements, but if there is the fire safety renovation of old places, it is recommended to use wireless detection alarms, because the wireless type does not need wiring during the installation process. Just install it directly at the place where it needs to be installed, and its data transmission is completed by the built-in wireless network card, which is very convenient.Photoelectric smoke detector

    Regulatory flexibility

    Ordinary smoke detector alarms are connected by wires, and all devices and collected information are supervised on a certain host device. This kind of supervision method is relatively limited that special personnel are required to monitor the host device in real time. If you want more flexibility in supervision, it is recommended to choose a independent wireless smoke detector alarm. Because this kind of detector wireless work throughout the process, all data is directly uploaded to the cloud platform and is not limited to a certain device, so users only need to log in to the system through account and password to access data from the cloud platform, and the management method is more flexible.

    Alarm arrival rate

    General smoke detection alarms can only perform on-site alarms, which requires consideration of a problem: if there is no one on site, then the alarm becomes useless. Considering the arrival rate of the alarm information, the wireless smoke detection alarm should be selected. This new type of alarm can not only carry out on-site alarm, but also transmit the alarm information to the preset management of the system through the fire protection system in the form of telephone and SMS staff phone. In this way, no matter whether there is anyone on the scene, the alarm information can be transmitted to ensure the arrival rate.

    In addition to various functions, the selection of smoke detection alarms must also consider its sensitivity, false alarm rate to improve the efficiency of fire alarms. The independent wireless smoke detection alarm adopts photoelectric principle and built-in NB wireless module. Based on photoelectric technology, it is more sensitive to white smoke, black smoke and smoldering smoke. It can detect the smoke generated when a fire occurs and alarm in time.

    Try to choose the smart version

    Smoke alarms, available in independent and smart versions. Independent smoke alarms only have basic functions, no WI-FI, BLUETOOTH functions, and cannot be connected to cameras or mobile phones. That's not to say it's bad, but if you're away from home and there's a fire in your home, you won't know it even if the alarm goes off. At this time, the damage caused is also quite serious. The smart version can be connected to the mobile phone. If there is a fire, the smoke alarm will send an alarm to your mobile phone through the APP. You can ask your friends to help put out the fire, or call the police directly to minimize the damage. In addition, the smart smoke detector alarm can also be connected to the camera. While the alarm is happening, you can also remotely check the situation in your home. So if you want to save some snacks and increase security at the same time, try to choose the smart version.

    Smoke alarm priceWireless photoelectric smoke alarm

    The price of a smoke alarm is mainly related to the following: How long the battery can last. The national standard requires that it can be used for at least one year. Currently, there are one-year, five-year, and ten-year products on the market. The higher the year, the more expensive the price. Another factor is whether it has a network alarm function. If there is none, the price is cheap, and if there is one, the price is expensive. Usually, the price with the network alarm function is more than 100 yuan. Networking alarm function is divided into wifi networking and NB-LOT wireless network networking. Linkage alarm, just like a fire in a certain room, other rooms will also have an alarm. And you can know which room the fire occurred in. Such product price are usually more than a thousand yuan, and are generally used in public places, hotels and other places.

    Install one smoke detector in each independent room

    Generally speaking, each independent room needs to install a smoke detector alarm. For example, if your home has three bedrooms and one living room, you generally need to install three smoke alarm. If it is a large space, install one smoke alarm every 30 square meters. However, it must be noted that the kitchen does not need to be installed. Because when cooking, it will produce smoke, which is easy to cause false alarms. Also, for smokers, keep the air flowing. If you smoke in a closed space, when the smoke accumulates to a certain extent, it will also cause false alarms.

    Ionization & photoelectric smoke alarm

    Photoelectric smoke alarm: It is developed by using the smoke generated during a fire to change the basic nature of light. According to the absorption and scattering of light by smoke particles, photoelectric smoke detectors are divided into two types: shading type and astigmatism type. There is an optical labyrinth in the photoelectric smoke detector and an infrared radiation tube is installed. When there is no smoke, the infrared receiving tube cannot receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitting tube, but if there is smoke entering the optical labyrinth, the smoke will pass through refraction, reflection, the receiving tube receives infrared light, and the intelligent alarm circuit judges whether the threshold is exceeded, and if it exceeds the threshold, an alarm will be issued.

    Ionization smoke detector: It has an ionization chamber, inside and outside the ionization chamber there is radioactive source Americium 241, and the positive and negative ions generated by ionization move to the positive and negative electrodes respectively under the action of the electric field. Under normal circumstances, the current and voltage of the inner and outer ionization chambers are stable. Once the smoke escapes from the outer ionization chamber and interferes with the normal movement of charged particles, the current and voltage will change, destroying the balance between the inner and outer ionization chambers, so the wireless transmitter sends out a wireless alarm signal to notify the remote receiving host. Send out the alarm information.

    Comparing the two, the ionization type is more sensitive to tiny smoke particles, while the photoelectric smoke alarm is more sensitive to slightly larger smoke particles. Generally speaking, when the flame is large, there are many tiny particles, and when the smoke is large, there are many ions. When the fire is relatively large at the beginning, the ion smoke alarm will alarm earlier. Although the time interval is not much different from the photoelectric ratio, this kind of fire spreads very fast, so ion-type smoke alarms are used in places where such fires may occur. For another type of environment that is prone to fire, it is better to use a photoelectric type.

    Of course, if it is a very important place and you cannot judge what the environment is like, then it is recommended to equip both or buy a composite smoke detection alarm.

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