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    Sander Price List

    Sander machine is a commonly used equipment for sharpening various cutting tools and tools, as well as for grinding, deburring, and cleaning ordinary small parts. It mainly consists of a base, grinding wheel, electric motor or other power source, bracket, protective cover, and water heater. It can be divided into handheld grinding machines, vertical grinding machines, suspended grinding machines, desktop grinding machines, etc.

    Sander VS. Polisher

    Sander is commonly used woodworking machinery, many people will operate it, but will not repair it, sander in the process of operation, there are often some faults, but these faults should be eliminated in time, but if not handled properly, it may affect production and increase costs. Polishing machines, also known as grinders, are often used as mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Sander is the machinery and equipment used to complete the sanding work, involving a wide range of industries and a wide range of categories. The following will detail the use of the sander and how it differs from the polisher.

    What is Sander Used for?

    Sanding machines are commonly used processing equipment by carpenters. As the name suggests, the name sanding machine refers to the surface sanding treatment of wood. But the role of the modern broadband sander is not only to sand the surface of the wood, it has many functions. The following will introduce you in detail what the sander is used for.