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    What is Sander Used for?

    Sanding machines are commonly used processing equipment by carpenters. As the name suggests, the name sanding machine refers to the surface sanding treatment of wood. But the role of the modern broadband sander is not only to sand the surface of the wood, it has many functions. The following will introduce you in detail what the sander is used for.

    What is a sander?

    SanderA sander is a machine that sands the surface of wood. Sanding machine is mainly for woodworking board processing industry, floor and wall panel processing industry, bamboo and wood handicraft and toy processing industry, specially developed sanding equipment, with simple operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, mature technology With the characteristics of stability and complete matching, it can be perfectly connected with the automatic production line to form various automatic production lines.
    At present, more and more sanders are replacing planers for processing. Sanding can not only greatly reduce the wood tearing, knot tearing and surface damage caused by the planer, but also reduce the blank size by 5~10%, and overcome the disadvantages of the planer being unsafe and noisy.

    Ordinary sanders have lower power configuration, lighter racks, smaller models and lighter weights, smaller sand cutting forces, and are prone to environmental damage caused by overload operation, but the price is relatively low, which is suitable for small-scale production use. The heavy-duty sander is equipped with high power, heavy frame, large and heavy model, large sanding cutting force, strong and durable, but the price is about 30% higher than the ordinary one, which is suitable for large-scale production use.

    Features of sander

    The sander is characterized by strong adaptability, which can improve the dimensional accuracy of the work, and can also improve the surface roughness of the workpiece; it can process workpieces with large widths, process narrow workpieces, and process various flat and curved surfaces; For mass production, it can also be used for small batch production. Especially after the wood products are assembled, they enter the surface treatment stage, and a sanding machine is often used as a sanding tool. Sandiers can replace manual grinding and improve work efficiency, but individual processing requirements still cannot replace manual operations.

    What does the sander do?Sanders

    1. Fixed-thickness sanding: sanding to increase the thickness of the workpiece. For example: the veneer substrate needs to be sanded to a fixed thickness before the veneer.
    2. Surface sanding: refers to improving the surface quality and evenly removing a layer of sand on the board surface to eliminate the knife pattern left in the previous process, making the board surface beautiful, smooth, and also used for veneer, printing, painting.
    3. Sand wool: refers to the sanding process that improves the roughness of the back of the decorative board in order to ensure the bonding strength of the decorative board (veneer) and the substrate.

    Precautions for using a sander

    The sander often comes into contact with the fine grinding dust of wood, and the motor that accumulates dust for a long time has reduced heat dissipation. If this is the case for a long time, it will affect the working efficiency and the life of the motor. Moreover, the wood chips accumulated in the copper sheet of the reversing switch at the rear of the rotor are easily carbonized by the influence of high temperature. Too much accumulation will cause the short circuit between the copper sheets of the reversing switch and cause the rotor to burn. Therefore, the wood chips in the sander should be cleaned frequently.

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