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    How to Use Sander?

    The sander is mainly for some surface unevenness and smoothness, usually used in the field of decoration, jade, handicrafts, hardware, electronics, stone, wood, etc., the main uneven surface grinding flat can be.

    • The correct way to use air sander.
    1. Before using the used sanding machine, please carefully check the protective cover auxiliary handle must be intact without loosening.
    2. Install the grinding wheel piece before paying attention to whether there is moisture and missing corners and other phenomena and must be installed firmly without loosening strictly prohibited without special tools and other external tools to knock the grinding wheel clamping nut.
    3. The power socket used must be equipped with an electric leakage switch device and the power cord must be checked for damage.
    4. The sander must be turned on before use to see if the grinding piece is running smoothly and normally, and to check the wear and tear of the carbon brush.
    5. Sander in the operation of the grinding direction is strictly prohibited to the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous items to avoid unnecessary injury. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Use correctly to ensure personal and property safety.
    6. Use the sander to remember not to force too hard to Xu Xu evenly force to avoid the phenomenon of grinding piece crashing cutting √ with such as grinding piece jamming phenomenon should immediately lift the sander so as not to burn the sander or due to grinding piece broken cause unsafe hidden danger.
    7. Forbid the use of sanding machine without safety shield. Forbid the use of sanding machine whose shield is loose and cannot be fastened or repair by special person in time.
    8. When the working time of the grinder is long and the temperature of the body is more than 50 degrees and it feels hot, please stop the sander immediately and wait for natural cooling before use.
    9. Before operating the sander must be equipped with protective glasses and dust mask protection facilities are not in place are not allowed to work.
    10. Replace the grinding wheel piece must turn off the power or pull off the power cord to confirm the correct before the replacement of the grinding wheel piece must use special tools to disassemble the cutting √ belt is strictly prohibited.
    • Maintenance and care.
    1. Guarantee the overall cleanliness of the body of the air random orbital sander to keep the smoothness of the sander and ventilation holes and dynamic rotation.
    2. By professional personnel regularly check whether the parts of the sander are damaged and replace the damaged ones in time.
    3. Regularly replace new carbon brushes and power cord and contact parts to ensure that the electrical conductivity is intact, and add screws lost in the sander body during operation.
    4. Regularly check whether the bearings, gears and cooling air blades of the transmission part are flexible and intact cutting V-belts and add lubricant to the rotating parts in time to prolong the service life of the grinder.
    5. Return the sander to the tool store in time after use for proper storage. Do not leave tools in personal tool cabinet overnight.

    These are the common use  of air sander, we hope it will help you. And if you still want to consult more information about ATO sander, welcome to leave a message in the comment section.

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