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    Air Random Orbital Sander, Vacuum, Hand-Held

    Random Orbital sander is a pneumatic air sander with central vacuum system. Round sander can select sanding disc of 75mm (3 inch), 125mm (5 inch), 150mm (6 inch). Square sander can select sanding pad of 93*176mm, 112*220mm and 90*180mm. No-load speed can reach 7000rpm/10000rpm/12000rpm and has variable speed. Random orbital sander has hand-held design, small size, lightweight and various functions. It integrates the functions of polisher and grinder, is an ideal sanding tool for polishing and sanding wood floors, cutting and grinding metal/stone, sanding down old coats of paint, etc. Sanding methods are dry sanding and wet sanding.
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    Random Orbital Sander Features

    • Variety of models, round sanders and square sanders with different sizes of sanding discs are available.
    • Sanders adopt dust-proof design, have a dust-sealed switch, provide a dustless environment for grinding work and prevents dust from affecting the machine normal operation.
    • The sanding disc can randomly generate orbital motion. Moving in a small ellipse, produce random orbital sanding action. Can avoid the abrasive passing through the same path twice during the same rotary process.
    • Pneumatic sander is air-powered sanding tool, making processing easier and more efficient, and more suitable for finishing than sheet sander.


    Model ATO-ROS-2010356
    Sanding Disc Pad Size Round Sander 75mm (3 inch)
    125mm (5 inch)
    150mm (6 inch)
    Square Sander 93*176mm
    No-Load Speed Round Sander 12000rpm
    Square Sander 7000rpm
    Orbit Round Sander 2.5, 5mm
    2.5, 5.8mm
    2.5, 5.8mm
    Square Sander 3mm
    dBa 60dBa
    Vacuum System central vacuum
    Air Consumption 480L/min
    Power 240W
    Working Pressure 6.0kg/m2
    Voltage DC 220V-240V or Customized
    Certification CE
    Frequency 50/60Hz
    Suction Joint 34mm

    Random Orbital Sander Structure Diagram (Take round sander as an example)

    Random Orbital Sander Structure Diagram


    Round Sander Dimension Drawing (Take the sander with 75mm sanding disc as example)

    Round Sander Dimension Drawing (Take the sander with 75mm sanding disc as example)

    Square Sander Dimension Drawing (Take the sander with 93*176mm sanding disc as example)

    Square Sander Dimension Drawing (Take the sander with 93*176mm sanding disc as example)

    Tips: How to use the random orbital sander?

    Random orbital air-powered sander is a high efficiency sanding tools for polishing, grinding and sanding. Users should strictly follow the use precautions to achieve optimal sanding effects and work efficiency.

    1. Start the random orbital sander. Keep it spinning until reach the speed you need before touching the sanding material.
    2. Always operate the random orbital sander along the direction of the material texture during sanding.
    3. Do not press the random orbital sander down. If apply excessive pressure to it, working efficiency of the sander will be reduced and even shorten its life. Therefore, the best endurance of the sander should be its own weight and the weight of your arm.
    4. Never tip the sander to the side to sand material. Sander tilting will create low spot on the product surface and is difficult to recover.
    5. Contact area between the sanding material surface and disc pad of the sander never not be less than 2/3 of disc pad. Especially when sanding the material edges.
    6. Remove the material from random orbital sander before stop it.
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