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    How to Use Hot Knife Foam Cutter?

    The hot knife cutter's blade is a metal strip that melts the woven sleeve when heated to a high enough temperature. This not only reduces the length required when the woven sleeve is melted, but also fuses the cut to prevent loss due to loose yarn during installation and use.

    • Use for:

    Hot knife foam cutter's cutting lint rope within 2cm diameter, cutting flat woven tape with flat fracture and no loose yarn; with cutting platen you can cut synthetic chemical fiber fabric without mat and weld the cut; cutting sewing cotton strips of fabric toys or ton bags with fused fracture.

    Especially suitable for processing canvas, awning cloth and filter cloth. (Thickness 0.3mm or more chemical fiber fabric). Cut blind various fabrics fabric (poncho, brocade flag. Silk broad. Chemical fiber cloth, velvet cloth. Advertising cloth, nylon cloth, wallpaper. Mural, plastic cloth). While cutting edge ironing, so that the product is smooth and flat, not loose mouth, not off the silk without burrs and welded together the cut.Handheld hot knife foam cutter

    1. Preparation:
    1. After the tool cools down, turn off the nut.
    2. Insert the two legs of the hot knife foam cutter's blade into the two knife holders, screw the nut. Make sure the cutter blades and the tool holders are in full contact. If the cutter legs are not properly installed, the blade will not be heated.
    3. Turn on the power.

          2. Cutting

    1. Avoid direct contact between the two knife holders of the handheld hot knife foam cutter resulting in a short circuit.
    2. Place the hot knife foam cutter blade on the cutting object and press the switch. It is recommended to test on the scrap first.
    3. Keep the temperature and speed in harmony while cutting. If there is too much smoke, it may be because the cutting speed is too slow or the blade temperature is too high. This may cause irregular and uneven cutting trajectory, in this case, you can intermittently release the switch during the cutting process to control the blade temperature. Release the switch when 3-5CM from the end of the cut. When cutting, the exposed part of the blade should not exceed 1cm, if the exposed part is too long, the blade may be bent due to overheating.
    4. Clean the blade with a copper wire brush.
    • Precautions for using the hot knife foam cutter:
    1. Be sure to use this tool in a ventilated environment.
    2. Do not burn the residual debris on the blade of the hot knife foam cutter, otherwise the blade will bend.
    3. Please do not dry burn the hot knife foam cutter blade, please contact the cutting object before heating.
    4. Do not touch the knife blade, do not place the hot blade next to clothing, or flammable materials.
    5. Please handle the blade after the hot knife foam cutter blade cools down to avoid accidental injury.
    6. When using too long, handheld parts will have hot hands, if you continue to use, the built-in thermostat will automatically cut off the power, to be cooled, the thermostat automatically reset after normal use.
    • Hot knife foam cutter equipment maintenance:

    Long-term use may lead to the sludge of cutting materials on the hot knife foam cutting blade, these residues will affect the performance of the blade and knife seat. The use of copper wire brush can completely remove the residue.

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