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    How does a Hot Wire Foam Cutter Work?

    The rapid development of digital control technology has benefited many processing industries. For example, in the foam-cutting industry, CNC cutting machines can be used for foam cutting. Among them, the commonly used cutting machine is called a heating wire foam cutting machine, which has high cutting efficiency and excellent cutting accuracy. And when we use this cutting machine for foam cutting, how should we use it correctly?

    Preparation before use

    Carefully check the performance of the equipment and the integrity of each component before use, including detailed inspection of the power switch, the tightness of the section, the protective cover or baffle, and the stability of the operating table. There should be sufficient lighting brightness when working at night. Turn on the main switch first, turn it around a few times without load, and then start it after confirming that it is correct.

    Before the operation, check whether the power supply is consistent with the rated voltage of the equipment, avoid wrongly connecting the power supply, and do not use saw blades with a rated speed not higher than 4800 rpm. Then stabilize the handle of the cutter, cut vertically with force, and fix the end. Do not attempt to cut small unclamped workpieces or profiles with bad edges (such as the outer diameter is less than 15cm).Hot wire foam cutter

    When the protective cover is not in place, do not operate, and do not put your hands within 15 cm of the saw blade. Be careful not to lean over or go around the saw. When operating, it is advisable to tilt the body at an angle of 45 degrees. If there is an abnormal sound, stop the operation immediately and check, cut off the power before repairing or replacing accessories, and wait for the saw blade to stop.

    When working with the cutter in wet locations, please stand on an insulating mat or a dry wooden board to protect yourself from danger. Use protective precautions when ascending heights or in hazardous areas. In order to increase the working rate, auxiliary clamping and positioning should be done before sawing single or multiple units. Before cutting, the motor speed can reach full speed before cutting. No one is allowed to stand in front of the cutting machine during cutting. When the power fails, rests or leaves the workplace, the power should be cut off immediately. Do not release your hand from the operating handle until the cutter has stopped.

    Foam Cutter Features

    TheĀ hot wire foam cutter is wire-hanging and can produce special products with a length of 300cm and a width of 200cm. It can be hung with 20 hot wires for processing. When foreign objects block it, it will only affect a single wire and will not damage the entire group-cutting process. It is suitable for cutting 8 wires - various 30 kg foam boards EPS and EPE for horizontal cutting. If it takes 1 minute to process a product, the cutting machine will hang 30 hot wires for processing, cutting 30 wires per minute, doubling the work efficiency, and the product accuracy is the same.

    The equipment has quality and performance advantages: high-frequency quenching vacuum chrome plating, alloy ball screw, slider, stainless steel polished rod, linear bearing (y-axis), full bracket stainless steel guide rail, slider (cutting frame base), and leveling feet. The moving parts of the equipment are made of high-quality materials, the machine bed has a long service life and is equipped with a multi-stage current regulating contact voltage regulator to improve the service life of the heating wire. In addition, the machine tool also has travel protection/power-off protection/manual integration devices and functions such as simulation/pause/emergency stop/reset.

    A heated wire cutter can cut just about anything you can imagine. The equipment includes the electric control box of the cutting machine host, the driver, and the stepping motor. The main body of the cutting machine is composed of a bed body and vertical cutting frames fixed on both sides of the bed body. The bed body is provided with a synchronous toothed belt driven by a stepping motor, a guide rail, and a slider fixed on the guide rail.

    The heated wire cutter is mainly used for cutting sponge materials, which can cut hard sponge, soft sponge, and plastic into squares, rectangles, strips, and so on. It has the advantages of high cutting and cutting size accuracy.


    Due to the market demand, the foam cutting machine is mainly used for foam line and dovetail groove external wall insulation board. The user operation is simple and convenient, and user satisfaction after use is excellent. Now it is popular and widely used all over China. As a kind of CNC cutting equipment, the foam cutter should increase the cutting speed as much as possible under the premise of determining the cutting quality. This not only increases productivity but also reduces deformation and heat-affected zones of cut parts.

    TheĀ foam cutter adopts foam cutting equipment integrating control and automatic programming technology. Graphics can be drawn from a microcomputer. The automatic cutting precision with the high-speed block is good. The control system adopts high integrated circuit design and uses an automatic industrial control system and internal motion control card, which has the characteristics of good responsiveness, good anti-interference ability, good control precision, stable control operation, self-diagnosis, good adaptability, etc. It can work in all weather for a long time.

    What are the characteristics of the control software of the foam-cutting machine?

    The graphic input method is adopted, which is more intuitive than code input and easy to operate. The input mode is diversified, and all debugging controls are commanded (the whole process of initial positioning, arc striking, piercing, cutting, and returning to the origin is completed under the command of CNC automation, and the parameters can be modified by programming).

    Cutting speed problem

    When running a heated wire foam cutter, you may experience issues with the machine running slower. So what causes the foam cutter to run slowly? If the cutting speed is not suitable, the effect will be opposite, which will increase the sticky residue and reduce the cutting quality. Generally speaking, factors such as no-load voltage and arc column voltage, cutting current, electric internal contraction, and cutting nozzle height directly affect the compression effect of the plasma arc, that is, affect the temperature and energy density of the plasma arc and the high temperature of the plasma arc determines Cutting speed, so it can be said that many factors are essentially related to cutting speed.

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