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    What is a Foam Cutter?

    Foam cutting is a device for processing materials in the chemical industry such as foam and sponges. It mainly uses the high temperature of the laser machine for cutting because the thin cutting of the laser beam is not easy to deform, the incision is smooth, and there is no paste edge. The object can be rubber, glass, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum alloy, or metal.

    Foam cutter features

    • The open working platform facilitates the placement of processing materials and can cooperate with the large-size honeycomb adsorption platform for assembly line work, which satisfies the processing of large-format materials. Such as the shoe industry, clothing industry, foam, sponge, advertising industry, sheet metal, and can meet the needs of small industries such as the model industry, handicraft industry, bamboo product industry and so on.
    • It can be equipped with automatic focusing, red light positioning and other functions to maximize its functions. It is multi-kinetic, time-saving and efficient.
    • The optical path part adopts a hybrid optical path, which makes the utilization rate of light energy high. Because the optical path is fully enclosed, the safety performance is strong. Its control system adopts unique intelligent prediction and improved control algorithm to ensure high-speed machining and smooth and efficient running speed. The laser energy can be adjusted in real-time, making it easier for customers to operate.
    • The foam cutting machine has a built-in 128M (up to 1G), which can store 99 files at the same time, and supports a permanent file storage area for power-off data storage.
    • With a high-power cutting energy automatic compensation function, the cutting effect is greatly improved


    Foam cutting is mainly used for cutting foam materials. It can cut rigid foam, flexible foam and plastic into squares, rectangles, strips, etc., and input any graphics into the computer for cutting. High cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high precision are the advantages of the ATO multifunctional foam cutter.

    StructureATO hot knife foam cutter

    • Equipped with a movable cutting material adjustment device. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the cutting material, it is equipped with a digital display ruler.
    • The movable worktable adopts the negative pressure adsorption method to fix the cut foam.
    • When it stops running, it is equipped with manual and automatic devices
    • The red brake button is used for manual braking. This button has no effect when the start button is pressed.

    The hot knife foam cutter is one of the more popular cutters. ATO foam cutting knife can be EPS, EPE, PU, PVC pipe, non-woven fabric, curtain cloth, canvas, filter cloth, nylon rope, Polypropylene rope, braid, PP rope, etc. for cutting.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the ATO hot knife foam cutter.

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