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    Servo System in Water Jet Cutter

    In the metal cutting industry, direct forming cutting in pursuit of high quality and efficiency is a mainstream developing trend in the world wide at present. Water jet cutter just makes continuous innovation on the basis of application of relevant technologies in view of the demand: with appearance of technologies like precise ball screw, servo motor and resonance reduction unit, machine tools can improve accuracy of position, compensation of reverse gap and accuracy of repeated positioning.

    Introduction of water jet cutter
    Water jet cutter, which means using water as blade and whose original name is high pressure water jet cutting technique, is widely used in industries like aviation, automobile, stone material, pottery, glass, metal and concrete. Water cutting is a special cold cutting, and it does not need or easy for secondary processing after cutting, thus it is safe, environmentally friendly, low-cost, fast and efficient and it can realize cutting processing of any curves, convenient and flexible.

    Application of servo system in water jet cutter
    The following is a brief introduction about application of one-armed over beam framework digital control water jet cutter with servo system.water jet

    1. Process of water jet production
      The whole process of production techniques of equipment: take constant pressure fluid injection as the water jet and feed through X and Y axis to drive water jet to finish cutting processing of random curves. Constant high water pressure is controlled by VFD and driven by variable frequency motor, and X and Y axis control feeding through synchronous servo drive controlling servo motor to drive ball screw. As the carrier of core procedures, PLC is responsible for sending of pulse signals and transformation and delivery of various control signals. Finally the industrial PC control and coordinate the operation of various executive bodies. In addition, as upper computer, PC can set parameters and supervise running state of a whole machine. Moreover, it can finish operations like adjustment of cutting speed, speed of relief, return of zero, suspension and simulation processing.
    2. Characteristics of servo system
      a. The equipment combines servo system, drive units and intelligent power modules (IPM) to make it have characteristics like strong overload capacity, strong anti-load disturbance capability, big starting torque and high dynamic corresponding speed.
      b. Servo drives integrate position control, speed control and torque control and it can finish dynamic switching of various modes, thus it is more convenient and flexible.
      c. It has multiple protection and abnormal indication such as over speed, over current, overload, over heat, over and under voltage of main power source, abnormal encoder, communication failures and abnormal PID feedback signals, making control process clear.
      d. The motor is three-phase permanent magnet synchronous servo motor, thus it has triple overload capacity, rated speed of 3000RPM and encoder resolution of 2500.

    In short, water jet cutter controlled by servo system has characteristics like high efficiency, low consumption, high rate of finished products, high cutting precision and stable operation, thus it can bring more benefits to enterprises.

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