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    200W High Precision AC Servo Motor

    High precision servo motor, power ratings up to 200W, 220V AC single or three-phase input, rated torque of 0.64N.m, 2,500 PPR incremental encoder attached. Highly reliable and low cost servo motor, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO60CST-M00630
    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    200W power rating high precision AC servo motor, rated speed of 3000rpm, peak torque up to 1.91N.m. It is widely used in factory automation, embroidery machines, printing machinery, CNC machine, wood carving and other fields.

    200W Servo Motor Specification

    Basics Model ATO60CST-M00630
    Weight 1.16 Kg
    Length 116 mm
    Rated Power 200 W
    Rated Voltage 220V AC
    Rated Current 1.2 A
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Rated Torque 0.64 N.m
    Peak Torque 1.91 N.m
    Technical Parameters Voltage Constant 30.9 V/ 1000r/ min
    Torque Coefficient 0.53 N.m/ A
    Torque Inertia 0.175 x 10-4 Kg.M2
    Line-Line Resistance 6.18 Ω
    Line-Line Inductance 29.3 mH
    Electrical Time-Constant 4.74 ms
    Encode Line Number 2500
    Insulation Class Class F
    Safety Class IP65
    Environment Temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃
    Humidity <90%RH, (no dewing)

    Motor Dimension
    servo motor 60 dimension
    Tips: Servo motor overheating, how to solve?
    Based on the principle of servo motor, in order to reduce the motor overheating, it is necessary to reduce copper loss and iron loss. There are two ways to reduce copper loss: Reduce the resistance and the current, which requires us to choose the motor with small rated current as much as possible. For two-phase motor, do not use parallel-motor unless serial-motor cannot use, but this often contradicts the requirements of torque and speed. For selected motor, automatic half-flow control function and offline function of the driver should be fully utilized. The former will reduce the current automatically while the latter will cut off the current directly when the motor is in static condition. Besides, the current waveform is close to sine, so harmonic of subdividing driver is less and heat radiated from motor is less. There are not many ways to reduce iron loss and voltage grade is related with the iron loss, so it is suggested to select the proper drive voltage grade, meanwhile, the indexes such as high-speed performance, smoothness and heating, noise, etc. are also should be taken into account.

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