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    Handheld Hot Knife Foam Cutter, EPS/XPS, 200mm Blade

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    Handheld foam cutter can be used continuously with air cooling system. The 200mm blade on this hot knife can heat up to 500℃ in seconds to give you fast & clean cutting without mess, great for EPS, XPS, etc., for commercial and industrial use. Electric foam cutter is supplied via AC 230V 50Hz and max. power 190W, designed with variable temperature control, light weight, high efficiency and favorable price.
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    Handheld hot knife foam cutter is greatly suitable for continuous cutting work with air-cooling system. This electric cutting tool heats instantly and makes fast, clean & precise cuts, mainly used for cutting Expanded Polystyrene EPS foam and Extruded Polystyrene XPS foam in industrial and commercial environments.


    • With air-cooling system, hot knife can be operated continuously.
    • Excellent for cutting EPS/XPS foam board, fast and clean.
    • Temperature can reach up to 500℃ in seconds.
    • Variable temperature control via adjustable knob, total 16 steps.
    • With groover-sled (Optioanl), allowing to cut different foam shape easily for DIY sculpture or artwork.


    Model ATO-KD-7H
    Voltage AC 230V 50Hz
    Power Max. 190W
    Operation Time 24 hrs continuously operation
    Adjustable Knob 16 steps
    Max. Temperature 500℃
    Power Cord Length 3m
    Power Plug (Optional) * US/Europe/UK/Australia
    Product Weight 610g
    Handle Length 320mm
    Package Included (Optional)

    1#. Foam Cutter + Straight Blade 200mm + Spanner + Brush + Plastic Box + User Manual

    2#. Foam Cutter + Large Groover- sled + Flexible Blade 305mm + Straight Blade 150mm + T-square + Spanner + Brush + Plastic Box + User Manual

    3#. Foam Cutter + Small Groover- sled + Flexible Blade 305mm + Straight Blade 150mm + Spanner + Brush + Plastic Box + User Manual

    4#. Foam Cutter + Cutting Guider + Straight Blade 150mm + T-square + Spanner + Brush + Plastic Box + User Manual


    * Usually, the foam cutters with UK/Australia need longer delivery time (5-10 days).

    Hot Knife w/ 20cm Blade for Cutting EPS/XPS

    Items EPS Foam Board XPS Foam Board
    Cutting Length 100cm 100cm
    Foam Thickness 20cm 20cm
    Foam Density 15Kgs/M³ 32Kgs/M³
    Cutting Speed (including preheating time) 32 seconds 52 seconds

    Foam Cutter Accessories

    Handheld Foam Cutter Accessories

    Note: If you need any extra accessories that is not included in the package, please contact us.

    Tips: Hot Knife Foam Cutter Installation Notes

    • After the foam cutter has cooled, unscrew the nut.
    • Insert the two feet of the blade into the two blade holders and tighten the nuts.
      Make sure that the blade and holder are in full contact. If the blade of hot knife is not installed properly, the blade will not be heated.
    • Power on the foam cutter.
    • The temperature adjustment knob of the cutter has 16 steps. You can adjust a suitable temperature according to the cutting requirement.

    ATO Hot Knife Foam Cutter

    ATO electric hot knife foam cutter can be equipped with different blades or other accessories to meet your different requirements for quickly and smoothly cutting EPS, XPS, Styrofoam, fabric cloth, etc. It is an ideal tool for artwork, packing, building, sculpture, and other applications.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Hot Knife Foam Cutter, EPS/XPS, 200mm Blade
    Very good tool, great value.
    Easy to use and works well! I bought it to cut expanding foam, it does what i needed it to!  The handheld foam cutter is worth for the type of cut I wanted.
    From: Aispuro | Date: 27/06/2022
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    Does a good job
    The handheld hot knife foam cutter does a great job and you can controle the temperature for very lightweight large cell foam to dense plastic, basically from hot to red hot.
    From: Biaxy | Date: 01/06/2022
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    Great foam cutter
    Easy to use and works well! I bought it to cut expanding foam, and while slow and a bit smokey, it does what I needed it to! I had to buy the ribbon blade and the connector pieces separately, but worth it for the type of cut I wanted.
    From: Abys | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Foam cut...LIKE BUTTER!
    I bought this foam cutter to use for craft projects and it works great! I’ve successfully cut out various shapes and letters so far.This cutter was very easy to work with.
    From: Wieland | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Well made foam cutter at a good price
    This is an amazing little tool, I use it for knitting bags, it heats up quickly, works great, and it's easy to use, it's easier than using scissors, the hot cutter goes between my knitted bags, it feels marvelous!
    From: Atwood | Date: 11/04/2022
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    Foam cutter - easy to operate!
    This handheld foam cutter is very easy to handle, I wasn't sure how high the temperature should be set for the particular foam I was cutting, so when I noticed too much resistance, I adjusted the temperature with my thumb and it was like cutting butter. The selectable heat level works well and could heat up to 500℃ quickly.
    From: Tomas | Date: 08/07/2021
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