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    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander with Sanding Disc/Pad

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    The electric power sander is an ideal drywall sanding tools for sanding, smoothing, grinding, polishing and finishing the wall, ceiling and cement floor. Sander is a dry and wet dual-use product, can also be used for wet sanding drywall on concrete surface. Wet/drywall sander for has suitable size, can be operated by hand. Features easy operation, easy maintenance, dustless design, economical and environmentally friendly. Each sander is equipped with 3 pieces of sandpaper, 1 chassis, 1 sanding disc and 1 sanding sponge pad.
    SKU: ATO-WDS-370
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    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander is a utility model, has the advantages of series excitation motor drive, lightweight, large power, high efficiency, convenient operation, safety, etc. The utility model is suitable for wet and dry sanding on concrete surface of the building walls, ceilings, floor, surface of the sand and stone walls, and surface of the paint and cement, etc.


    Model ATO-WDS-PSM370
    Power 750W
    Voltage 230V/110V
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Speed 110rpm
    Sanding Disc Size 370mm
    Smoothing Disc Size 377mm
    Scraping Disc Size 370mm
    Sponge Disc Pad Size 390mm
    Certification CE
    Weight 4.2kg
    Automatic Grade Automatic
    Dimension (L*W*H) 40*40*23cm/pc
    Rendering Height 10m
    Rendering Thickness 3mm

    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Part Exploded View

     Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Part Exploded View

    Parts Name Comparison Table
    No. Parts Name qty No. Parts Name qty No. Parts Name qty
    1 Plastic disc 1 19 Third gear shaft 1 37 Auxiliary handle cover 1
    2 Cross flat base screw 1 20 Flat key 4X4X6 1 38 Capacitor 1
    3 Plastic tray 1 21 Second driven tooth 1 39 Inductor 2
    4 Output Shaft 1 22 Shaft ring 1 40 Cross head screw ST4X12 6
    5 Oil Seal 1 23 Bearing 6000 1 41 Cable plate 3
    6 Circlip 37 2 24 Bearing 629-2RS 1 42 Cable shield 2
    7 Bearing 6904-2RS 2 25 Rotor 1 43 Cable shield 1
    8 Spacer bush 1 26 Brush holder 2 44 Speed switch 1
    9 Housing 1 27 Carbon Brush 2 45 Switch box 1
    10 Needle bearing 0810 1 28 Brush cover 2 46 Cable 1
    11 Third driven gear 1 29 Bearing 607-2RS 1 47 Cross slotted screw ST4X16 15
    12 Center cover 1 30 Bearing bush 1 48 Left shell 1
    13 Bearing 6003-2RS 1 31 Stator 1 49 Switch 1
    14 First driven tooth 1 32 Right shell 1 50 Round pin 1
    15 Second main drive shaft 1 33 Outer hexagon nut 1 51 Cross head screw ST4X40 4
    16 Steel ball Sφ6 1 34 Side handle 1 52 Sanding paper 4
    17 Bearing 6001-2RS 1 35 Inner hexagon screw M8X85 1 53 Sponge pad 1
    18 Needle bearing 1010 1 36 Cross slotted screw ST4X14 2      

    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Installation

    On the sander, sponge disc pad, plastic sanding disc and plastic disc sticking plate are bonded together by a magic paste. Sander installation can reference the following steps.

    1. Install plastic adhesive tray. Place plastic adhesive disc on the output shaft, and then use a head bolt fix it.
    2. Install the plastic sanding disc. Glue the plastic polishing plate to the plastic adhesive plate.
    3. Install the sponge sanding disc pad. Attach the sponge pad to the plastic plate.


    Unpacking State of the Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander

    Sanding Disc of the Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander

    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Brush Replacement

    There is a pair of auxiliary brushes in the random accessories. When the brush is worn to limit, it is needs to replace brush for the sander. Use the a screwdriver to reverse the brush cover counterclockwise, remove the original brush, fit the new brush into the brush holder and screw the cover.

    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Brush Replacement


    Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander Maintenance

    • Keep the sander clean, clean up the sundries and dust.
    • Often add grease (deceleration box) to keep the sander running flexible.
    • Check the power cord, plug, switch and so on to keep the sander in good condition.

    Tips: 3 common troubleshooting for wet/drywall/floor sander.

    1. The motor is hot during the sander operation
      The older the sander, the higher the heat will be. If you don't deal with this problem, the fever will get worse. If there is a noticeable oily smell when using the sander, the heavier lubricating solids in the grease in the gearbox have been broken down. At this point, open the sander gearbox, clean up all old grease and replace it with bearing grease. Apply grease to the gear teeth and fill all backlash. Be careful not to leave too much grease in it. A gearbox with new grease allows the sander to work for a long time.
    2. Sander brush is worn serious
      If the sander switch is on but machine is not responding, it is most likely due to severe brush wear. As a power tool that operates for a long time under high load, brush wear of a sander is a very common phenomenon. Brushes will not all wear out in one use. Slow start-up may occur when you start using a sander. Many users will solve this problem by shaking or tapping the sander. In fact, it will only make the sander damage more serious. When brushes are completely worn, the sander will not start. At this point, the sander brush should be replaced to ensure its normal operation.
    3. Sander uneven sanding
      Although the sander only sands a relatively small amount of material at a time during work, it is still easy to uneven surface sanding. When using a sander, always keep the sanding disc flat, sand on overlapping path and follow the material texture. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the work is done by the weight of the sander itself, not by the pressure applied by the user himself. If the sander is hard pressed against the material surface, it will reduce the speed of sanding disc, resulting in a decrease in the working efficiency of the sander. To ensure a uniform sanding effect, can use a pencil to draw a curve on the material surface to be sanded and sand the mark at a uniform speed.
    Existing reviews of Wet/Drywall/Floor Sander with Sanding Disc/Pad
    Really powerful electric sander!
    The sander is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making my sanding tasks much quicker and more efficient. Overall, I would highly recommend this electric power sander to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient sanding tool.
    From: Carr | Date: 02/03/2023
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    Very pleased with this sander
    I am very pleased with this sander. I immediately started using it to sand down the door I was prepping to repaint. It worked very easily and quickly.
    From: Barrel | Date: 10/11/2022
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    flaking paint off my old truck
    Bought this to help sand some rust/flaking paint off my old truck before I primed it. Worked like a dream and with little to no tiredness in the hand/arm. Fit perfectly as a palm sander and I'll continue to use it with both auto work and on my furniture refinishing.
    From: Marvin | Date: 16/09/2021
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