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    How to Use Handheld Inkjet Printer?

    Handheld inkjet printer as a popular small, portable coding equipment, can be easily on all kinds of products, large can not move the equipment on the flexible positioning of the assignment code. Can complete all kinds of common Chinese, English, digital, serial numbers, icons, LOGO, variable information, two-dimensional codes, bar codes and other forms of identification. ATO as one of the handheld printer equipment suppliers, provide a series of pre-sales and after-sales service programs, today, we take a look at the specific content of the handheld inkjet printer operating guide.

    • Power on / load the print file.
    1. Turn on the power → "Function" → "Load file" 
    2. Select the file to print code → "OK" (wait a few seconds) 
    3. Click the "print" (when the print key is red, that is printing)
    • Edit the file.
    1. "Function" → "Edit file" (wait a few seconds) → Pop-up editing window 
    2. Cuch as to enter text (CN), English (EN), numbers, symbols, please click on the text 
    3. Click the white space → Press "Edit" key → Click clear 
    4. Enter the information you want (press EN to switch between English and Chinese symbols, press Caps to switch case) → "Finish" 
    5. Adjust the font and size according to what you want to print, then move the information to the middle of the white space above and below 
    6. " File" → "Save or Save As" → Enter the file name (you can enter Chinese) → "OK" → "File" 
    7. "Exit"
    • Modify the file under the original file:
    1. "Function" → "Edit" → "File" → "Open "
    2. Select the file to be modified" 
    3. "OK"
    • Edit the picture.
    1. "Function" → "Edit picture" 
    2. (insert U disk, file name must be Arabic numerals) can be imported directly from the U disk to the Handheld Barcode/QR Code Inkjet Printer 
    3. "File" →"Open" → Mobile device file "Open" 
    4. Mobile device files → Select the file 
    5. "OK"

    Note: As long as the file name on the U disk can only be Arabic numerals to import to the machine.

    • Enable the screen saver (such as long printing can be enabled screen saver)
    1. "Function" → "Enable screen saver" 
    2. Click anywhere to cancel the screen saver. (screen saver when the printer can be charged once, using a longer time)
    • Setting Button
    1. The trigger mode: Key trigger (generally used for handheld); built-in electric eye (generally used for online type)
      External electric eye (generally used for non-standard online type); continuous spray mode (generally used for online timing spray printing).
    2. Inkjet mode: Left-jet, right-jet, double-jet.
    3. Print speed: The larger the number of printed information the longer the print, and vice versa, the smaller the number the shorter the print.
    4. Synchronization frequency: Synchronization wheel when the adjustment is enabled (the larger the number of synchronization, the thicker the font).
    5. Print delay: The larger the delay number the longer the time interval between each message and information.
    6. Print grayscale: Can adjust the depth of the font, the larger the number, the darker the word, the smaller the number the lighter.
    7. System settings: Print pulse width (fast-drying ink 60-110 adjustment) (ordinary ink 110-150 adjustment)
    8. Screen calibration: When the screen touch is not accurate can be approved once on the screen.
    • Shutdown 
    1. "Stop printing" → Then click the screen "shutdown button"
    2. Turn off the power switch.

    Note: System start-up and is printing when the cartridge is strictly prohibited to plug and unplug, such as a long time can be used to remove the cartridge card.

    • Domestic customers in all regions of the handheld inkjet printer encountered common problems can always contact ATO after-sales support:
    1. Please check whether the ink cartridge has ink, the cartridge is installed.
    2. Reload the print file.
    3. Whether the power is sufficient, charging in the spray.
    4. Check whether the print pulse width is correctly adjusted.
    5. See if there is no debris on the surface of the printhead, if there is, please use a tissue to gently wipe clean.
    6. Check whether other parameters are correct.

    More questions about the use of ATO handheld inkjet printer, feel free to leave a message in the comments or contact with ATO after-sales service, we will provide you with an online response service.

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