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    Handheld Barcode/QR Code Inkjet Printer

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    Low price handheld inkjet printer can 360-degree print high definition bar codes, QR codes, trademarks and graphics, date, etc. Keyboard control panel, 300DPI-600DPI printing accuracy, 1-4 printing lines, 3-12.5mm printing height, 2-5mm printing distance. Fast printing and long use time, suitable for printing on different materials like wood, plastics, metal and so on.
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    Handheld inkjet printer coding machine with keyboard control is light and portable, is suitable for printing a variety of content including Barcode, QR code, time, date, number, symbol, trademarks, graphics and so on, and supports printing on various materials like wood, box, stone, plastic, tube, metal, cloth, glass, etc. Moreover, you can control this printer by your mobile phone after Bluetooth wireless connection.


    Model ATO-CP2000SE
    Printing Accuracy 4 grayscales between 300DPI and 600DPI
    Printing Lines 1 to 4 lines, can be adjusted
    Printing Height 3-12.5mm
    Printing Distance 2-5mm (the distance between the print nozzle and the object that needs printing)
    Pinting Direction 360 degree
    Printing Speed The highest speed can be 50m/min (continuous printing)
    Printing Graphics The device can print almost all kinds of trademarks and graphics
    Printing Code Bar code and QR code
    Support Materials Wood, carton, stone, firber board, steel, tube, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, cables, etc.
    Ink Capacity 25mL
    Ink Type * Water-based ink: black
    Solvent ink: black
    Battery 1500mAh Lithium battery
    Continuous Printing Time More than 7 hours
    System Power Consumption ≤1W
    Control Panel Keyboard
    Information Storage 50
    External Interface USB port (Type-C)
    Working Environment Temperature: 0℃ ~ 40℃
    Humidity: 10% ~ 80%RH
    Size 209mm*113.5mm*75mm (L*W*H)
    Weight 440g
    Packing List Handheld printer×1, Ink Cartridge×1, Charger×1, User Manual×1

    Solvent ink is used for printing on plastics, glass, metal, pipes, stone products, wood, fiber board, aluminum foil, cables and films, etc.
    Water-based ink is suitable for printing on the hygroscopic materials such as paper and carton.

    Printing Materials & Content

    Handheld Inkjet Printer Printing Materials and Content

    Tips for Using Handheld Inkjet Printer

    1. Please shake the ink cartridge before use.
    2. When the ink cartridge is placed separately, please cover the head of ink cartridge. Otherwise, the ink cartridge couldn’t use because of the nozzle clogging.
    3. While editing the information, setting the machine or not using the printer, please cover the head of nozzle. Otherwise, the ink cartridge couldn’t use because of the nozzle clogging.
    4. When you load or unload the cartridge, please make sure the inkjet printer is turned off.
    5. The ink cartridge is consumable. Its expired time is 6 months. The ink cartridge is not covered under warranty.
    6. The DRV mode must be Synchronizer. Settings section has been set up in advance. Please don’t change the system setting.

    Existing reviews of Handheld Barcode/QR Code Inkjet Printer
    Portable, easy to use inkjet printer
    My experience with the handheld printer, at first I did not understand it well, I wrote to ATO customer service and they always responded very attentively, with examples and videos. I was able to get my work done better than I expected,Great product
    From: Sapello | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Portable, easy to use
    The handheld inkjet printer works very well. Keep in mind that the pressure must be moderate to avoid impairing the design to be printed. Drying is fast but not immediate. The performance is very good, the print quality too.
    From: Wieland | Date: 26/05/2022
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    Very suitable for printing beginners
    This is my first handheld barcode/QR code inkjet printer, and it is fully capable of printing. I have been using it for more than a week and it is very suitable for my label printing needs. So far, I have printed more than 50 labels without any problems.
    From: Mamac | Date: 28/09/2021
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