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    Output Line Reactor Price List

    When selecting a output line reactor, its function shall be firstly determined, then the reactance ratio can be selected according to its functions, finally, the output line reactor capacity is selected according to the capacitor capacity (reactor capacity is equal to the capacitor capacity multiplied by reactance ratio). Selection of a reactor is complex, power grid quality and parameters, capacitor parameters shall be determined.

    Variable Frequency Drive Price List

    ATO sells VFD's power range from 1/2hp to 300hp, include single phase input and output VFDs from 1/2hp to 7.5hp, 110v/120v input VFDs from 1hp to 7.5hp, single phase input to three phase output VFDs from 1/2hp to 10hp, three phase input/output VFDs from 1hp to 300hp. All VFDs are manufacturer direct sale and quality guaranteed. Widely used in fans, pumps, lathes, cable machinery, printing and dyeing equipment, chemical machinery, plastic machinery, etc. The following are ATO variable frequency drive price lists for your reference. If you want more information, please go to ATO VFD products page.

    Solid State Relay Price List

    Solid state relay (SSR) is a non-contact switch which drives a high-current load with a small control signal. The solid state relay consists of three parts, namely, the input circuit, the isolation (coupling) and the output circuit.Compared with the electromagnetic relays, solid state relays are characterized with high reliability, no contact, no spark, no noise, strong anti-interference ability, long lifetime, and fast switching speed. Now SSR are widely used in automation equipment, CNC machines, remote control system, instrumentation, medical equipment and so on.

    Current Transformer Price List

    Rated primary voltage of the current transformer shall be in consistent with the rated voltage of the system. Rated primary current of the current transformer shall be 20%~120% of its normal load current. Secondary loads of the current transformer, such as instruments and relay, consume a power or impedance less than rated capacity corresponding to the selected class of accuracy, otherwise the class of accuracy will reduce. A proper class of accuracy shall be selected for the current transformer according to the requirements of measurement and protection.

    Load Cell Price List

    ATO load cells have low capacity and high capacity, high accuracy, good output symmetry and high eccentric load resistant. Load cells can be applied for batching scale, crane scales, rail weighbridge, hopper weigher, button tester, force gauge and other special weighing instruments. Here is an ATO load cell price list for your reference. For more products information, please check the directory of load cells.

    Soft Starter Price List

    Soft starter is used for controlling AC induction motor in soft start & soft stop. It applies to various squirrel-cage asynchronous motor control of load, the motor can smooth starting under any working conditions, protect the drag system, protect motor from inrush current and voltage impact, ensure reliable motor starting. Smoothly soft stopping function can effectively solve the inertial system surge problem, and eliminate the drag system of inertial impact.

    Induction Motor Price List

    Compared with other motors, the ATO induction motor has the advantages such as simple structure, convenience in manufacture, use and maintenance, high operational reliability, light weight, low cost. Taken the ATO three-phase induction motor as an example, compared with the DC motor with the same power and speed, the former weight is only half of the latter at one-third cost. It also has the load characteristics of constant speed that can satisfy machinery driving requirement of a majority of industrial and agricultural production. Its limitation is that due to the poor speed controlling performance caused by the fixed slip between its rotate speed and the synchronous speed of its rotating magnetic field, so it is not so economic or convenient as direct current motor under the usage occasion that requires a wider range of smooth speed control such as rolling mill, winding engine, large size machine tool etc. In addition, induction motors draw reactive power from the power system during the operation, resulting in the deterioration of power factor of power system. Therefore, on the occasion of high power and low speed such as driving ball grinding mill and compressor, using synchronous motors is more reasonable.

    DC Contactor Price List

    DC contactor is mainly used to control the DC circuit, it has no impact on the starting current, and will not produce iron core impact, so the service life is long, suitable for frequent start and stop occasions. ATO provides a wide range of DC contactors including universal DC contactors, high voltage DC contactors and DC reversing contactors. Rating current of them from 30 amps to 600 amps, available with 12V, 24V, 48V DC coil. Look at the price of ATO DC concactors listed in the table below, it's cheaper for you to get one from us.

    AC Servo Motor Price List

    A servo motor is an actuator that allows for precise control of angular position in automatic control system. It also requires a servo drive to complete the system. The drive uses the feedback sensor to precisely control the rotary position of the motor. Compared with other motors, such as stepper motors and AC induction motors, what are the advantages of servo motors?

    • The servo motor realizes the closed loop control of position, speed and torque, and overcomes the problem of stepper motor losing step.
    • The servo motor has high speed performance, and the normal rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm.
    • The servo motor has strong resistance to overload, and can withstand three times the load of rated torque. It is especially suitable for the occasion of instantaneous load fluctuation and fast starting.
    • The servo motor runs smoothly at low speed, and it does not produce the step running phenomenon similar to stepper motor. It is suitable for situations with high speed response requirements.
    • The dynamic time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, usually within tens of milliseconds.
    • The heat and noise of the motor are obviously reduced.
    Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Price List

    A brushless DC (BLDC) motor is highly reliable since it does not have any brushes to wear out and replace, brushless design for high speeds, long life and high power density. ATO has a wide selection of high quality and good performance brushless DC motors to meet your specific needs. They come in different size to provide you the right torque for your application. The price of our brushless DC motors listed in the form are reasonable and for reference only. If you want more information, please go to ATO brushless DC motors products page.

    Stepper Motor Price List

    Stepper motor is an actuator that transforms the digital pulse signal into angular displacement. Namely, when stepper drive receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate at a fixed angle (i.e. step angle) in the set direction. Stepper motor is a main executive component in the modern digital control system, and has a very wide range of applications because of the following advantages:

    • Precise position control, as confirm the shaft rotation angle in accordance with the number of input pulses.
    • Wide speed range, because the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency.
    • Excellent starting and stopping as well as reverse response.
    • Able to synchronously rotate at an extremely low speed just directly connecting the load to the motor shaft.
    • Long service life. Unlike DC motors, stepper motors don’t need to adjust phase position by the brush and commutator, thus reducing the friction and increasing the service life.
    EMI Power Line Filter Price List

    A power line filter, also called EMI power line filter, is a filter circuit composed of capacitors, inductors and resistors. It is a passive bi-directional network, one end of which is connected with the power supply and the other end is the load. The power line filter works based on the principle of impedance matching network: the bigger the impedance matching between the input and output of power line filter and the load is, the more effective the attenuation of electromagnetic interference is.
    ATO power line filters are characterized with excellent differential mode and common mode attenuation performance to suppress EMI or RFI, which provide an electromagnetic shielding for your equipment or device.

    Isolation Transformer Price List

    Why buy an isolation transformer from ATO?
    ATO isolation transformers have the special advantages as follows:

    1. High quality in lower price, manufactured direct sale.
    2. They can work as step-up transformers or step-down transformers and voltage less than 1000V.
    3. Isolation transformers with a NEMA 3R enclosure, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    4. Voltage convert: Single phase to single phase, three phase to three phase, or three phase to single phase.
    5. Transformers have a minimum 2 year warranty, long life span and high efficiency.
    Switching Power Supply Price List

    Switching power supply (SMPS) modulates pulses of input voltage by closing and opening the circuit of electronic switching devices (such as transistor, field-effect transistor, and silicon controlled thyratron) to fulfill output voltage adjustment, automatic voltage stabilization, and continuous voltage conversion between DC/AC or DC/DC. Switching power supply is mainly divided in two types, DC SMPS and AC SMPS. Switching power supply is composed of main circuit, control circuit, detection circuit, and auxiliary power supply. Now it is widely applied to all kinds of electronic devices due to its small size, light weight and high efficiency.
    ATO switching power supplies can convert full range of AC input to DC with protection of short circuit, overload and overvoltage, complying with safety & EMC standards. Besides, they are high reliability and long lifespan with favorable price.

    Laser marking machine price list

    When people are purchasing the laser equipment like the fiber laser marking machine, they will find that at present, there are many companies in the laser marking industry. Moreover, these big or small companies will quote different prices. Therefore, people may get confused in buying a laser marking machine. They don’t know where to start.