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    Induction Motor Price List

    Why choose an induction motor from
    Compared with other motors, the ATO induction motor has the advantages such as simple structure, convenience in manufacture, use and maintenance, high operational reliability, light weight, low cost. Taken the ATO three-phase induction motor as an example, compared with the DC motor with the same power and speed, the former weight is only half of the latter at one-third cost. It also has the load characteristics of constant speed that can satisfy machinery driving requirement of a majority of industrial and agricultural production. Its limitation is that due to the poor speed controlling performance caused by the fixed slip between its rotate speed and the synchronous speed of its rotating magnetic field, so it is not so economic or convenient as direct current motor under the usage occasion that requires a wider range of smooth speed control such as rolling mill, winding engine, large size machine tool etc. In addition, induction motors draw reactive power from the power system during the operation, resulting in the deterioration of power factor of power system. Therefore, on the occasion of high power and low speed such as driving ball grinding mill and compressor, using synchronous motors is more reasonable.

    ATO offers you single phase and three phase AC induction motors with 1/2 hp to 7.5 hp different power, they are widely used in various industrial machines such as fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools, light industry, mining machinery and so on due to the low price, rugged construction, high efficiency, easy operation, reliability and durability. We will show you the price list of ATO induction motors below.
    ATO single/three phase induction motor

    ATO induction motor price list

    Single Phase Induction Motor
    Products Name Price Pole Number Enclosure Type Frame RPM
    1/2 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $355.40 4 pole ODP/ TEFC 56 1725 rpm
    3/4 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $421.19 4 pole ODP/ TEFC 56 1725 rpm
    1 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $442.56 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 56 3450 rpm
    2 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $491.43 2 pole ODP/ EFC 145T 3450 rpm
    3 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $903.97 2 pole ODP/ EFC 182T 3450 rpm
    5 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $1,049.21 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 184T 3450 rpm
    Three Phase Induction Motor
    Products Name Price Pole Number Enclosure Type Frame RPM
    1hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, single phase $576.43 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 143TC 3450 rpm
    2 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, three phase $654.76 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 145TC 3450 rpm
    3 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, three phase $906.35 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 182TC/ 145TC 3450 rpm
    5 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, three phase $972.22 2 pole ODP/ TEFC 182TC/ 184TC 3450 rpm
    1 hp (0.75kW) 3 phase AC Induction Motor $309.52 4 pole TEFC 80M 1390 rpm
    1.5 hp (1.1kW) 4 pole AC Induction Motor $342.23 4 pole TEFC 90S 1400 rpm
    1.5 hp (1.1kW) 6 pole AC Induction Motor $394.68 6 pole TEFC 90L 910 rpm
    2 hp (1.5kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor $385.88 4 pole TEFC 90L 1400 rpm
    3 hp (2.2kW) 3 phase 2 pole AC Induction Motor $416.76 2 pole TEFC 90L 2840 rpm
    3 hp (2.2kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor $489.57 4 pole TEFC 100L 2820 rpm
    3 hp (2.2kW) 3 phase 6 pole AC Induction Motor $575.06 6 pole TEFC 112M 940 rpm
    7.5 hp (5.5kW) 3 phase 2 pole AC Induction Motor $854.25 2 pole TEFC 132S 2900 rpm
    7.5 hp (5.5kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor $959.52 4 pole TEFC 132S 1440 rpm

     Note: The AC induction motor prices listed in the table are just for your reference, they may be different with the selling price.

    12/19/2019 2:04 AM
    45 kw. 440v rpm 1475 3phase 4pole motor cost.
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