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    5 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Single Phase 230V, ODP/TEFC

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    Single phase NEMA AC induction motor or general purpose asynchronous motor is 2 pole 3450 rpm, ODP or TEFC enclosure type to choose, 5 hp output power at 60Hz 230V AC. Foot mounted of mounting method, high-efficiency performance, low starting current, suited for a broad variety of applications.
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    ATO cheap AC electric motor is NEMA design B, with output 5 horsepower, 2 pole, 184T roll steel frame size, rated speed 3450 rpm, open drip proof and totally enclosed fan cooled enclosure are optional for you.

    Basics Model ATORS52D01 ATORS52T01
    Enclosure ODP TEFC
    Type General Purpose Asynchronous Motor
    Item Weight 97 Ibs
    Motor Length 18.8 inch
    Frame 184T Frame
    Design NEMA Design B
    Certification CE, UL
    Motor Material Roll Steel
    Technical Parameters Service Factor 1.15 1
    Horsepower 5 hp
    Rated Frequency 60 Hz
    Phase Single Phase
    Pole 2 pole
    Voltage 230V AC
    Full Load Amps 21.3A
    Speed 3450 RPM
    Efficiency 80%
    Duty Continuous
    Isulation Class Class F
    Protection Class IP54/ IP55
    Mounting Method Foot Mounted
    Environment Ambient temperature -15℃≤θ≤40℃
    Altitude Altitude should be lower than 1000 meters above sea level

    5 hp AC Induction Motor Dimension
    182T Single Phase AC Induction Motor Dimension
    Unit: inch

    Frame Size AB BA Max A Max B C D E 2F H N N-W O P R S U Min V Min ES Min AA
    184T 7.2 2.75 8.5 6.5 16.5 4.5 3.75 4.5 0.41 2.98 2.75 9.25 9.25 0.986 0.25 1.125 2.5 1.78 3/4

    NEMA AC Induction Motor Connection Diagram

    Nema induction motor connection diagram


    5hp NEMA AC Induction Motor Details

    Tips: Features of NEMA Design B
    Design B is the most common design of AC induction motor. Its starting torque is similar to that of design A, but sometimes still lower, providing a relatively low starting current. However, in industrial application, it locks locked rotor and still allows starting load. The rotating-speed difference is lower than or equivalent to 5%. The electric efficiency and full-load power factor are relatively high. The typical applications include pump, fan and machine tool.

    Existing reviews of 5 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Single Phase 230V, ODP/TEFC
    Consult single phase motor information
    Will the 5hp unit still have the limitation of only being able to reduce the speed by 20% without damaging the motor? Is this dependent on how you wire it (with or without capacitors)? I assume this was meant to say "single phase motor".
    From: Leila | Date: 05/09/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, for single-phase motors, only being able to reduce the speed by 20% without damaging the motor (running frequency above about 40HZ).
    This depends on how you wire it (with or without capacitors), and is related to the characteristics of single-phase motors: When the operating frequency of single-phase motors does Not reach about 45HZ, the internal centrifugal switch is Not disengaged, and the starting capacitor will always run and cause heat.
    If you want to run with speed regulation in the range of 0-60HZ, we suggest that you replace the three-phase motor better.
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