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    1 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Split Phase 115/230V, ODP/TEFC

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    Split phase 115/230V AC induction interver duty 3450 rpm electric motor with 1 horsepower, 2 pole, 1.15 service factor, 56 frame, 5/8'' shaft and ODP/ TEFC enclosure type for selection. It features NEMA B design which providing low starting current and high locked rotor torque, suited for a broad variety of applications.
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    1 hp AC Induction Motor Features

    • 1 hp output power 2 pole 1.15SF 5/8'' shaft 56 frame size AC asynchronous motor
    • Split phase small AC electric motor running @ 60Hz 115/230V AC
    • Has aluminum windings for conductivity and energy efficiency and has a operating speed of 3450 rpm
    • Available with open drip proof (ODP) enclosure motor and totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) enclosure motor
    • Double shielded bearings and Class F insulation

    1 hp AC Induction Motor Specification

    Basics Model ATORS12D01 ATORS12T11
    Enclosure ODP TEFC
    Type General Purpose Asynchronous Motor
    Item Weight 36 Ibs
    Motor Length 12.7 inch
    Frame 56 Frame
    Design NEMA Design B
    Certification CE, UL
    Motor Material Roll Steel
    Technical Parameters Service Factor 1.15
    Horsepower 1 hp
    Rated Frequency 60 Hz
    Phase Split Phase
    Pole 2 pole
    Voltage 115/230V AC
    Full Load Amps 10.8/5.4A
    Speed 3450 RPM
    Efficiency 73%
    Duty Continuous
    Isulation Class Class F
    Protection Class IP54/ IP55
    Mounting Method Foot Mounted
    Environment Ambient temperature -15℃≤θ≤40℃
    Altitude Altitude should be lower than 1000 meters above sea level

    1 hp AC Induction Motor Dimension

    1/2 hp AC Single Phase Induction Motor Dimension

    Unit: inch

    Frame Size AB BA Max A Max B C D E 2F H N N-W O P R S U Min V Min ES Min AA
    56 5.6 2.75 6.5 4.2 11.4 3.5 2.44 3 0.34 2.4 1.88 6.7 6.45 0.517 0.188 0.625 1.5 1.41 1/2

    NEMA AC Induction Motor Connection Diagram

    Nema induction motor connection diagram


    1hp NEMA AC Induction Motor Details

    Tips: Operation protection of AC Induction motor
    The protection of AC induction motor in operation mainly includes short-circuit protection, overload protection and no-voltage protection. When the winding insulation, wire insulation or wire of the motor has short circuit, there will be high short-circuit current, resulting in dramatic decrease of wire voltage. When the short-circuit current flows through the stator winding of the motor, it will burn the motor. In order to avoid the wire and motor loss, it is required to cut off the short circuit. The common protective elements include fuse protector and circuit breaker. When the fuse protector is used as the short-circuit protection of the motor, it is possible that one-phase fuse protector burns and enables the motor to have one-phase fault.
    Therefore, the breaker is usually used for short-circuit protection, avoiding the possible occurred one phase. In addition, it still possesses the overload protection function. Overload protection usually uses thermal relay. Zero-pressure protection prevents from the accident caused when the motor stops due to sudden power off and then motor starts automatically in recovering voltage. No-voltage protection is caused by the reduced revolving speed of the motor and increased current due to reduced voltage. Therefore, it is required to cut off the power supply when the power voltage reduced to a certain amount, realizing no-voltage protection. The contactor in normal circuit possesses the no-voltage protection function. When the power voltage reduces to a certain value, the contactor releases to cut off the motor power.

    Existing reviews of 1 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Split Phase 115/230V, ODP/TEFC
    1hp NEMA AC induction motor works well
    This 1hp NEMA AC induction motor purchased from the online store works well. It can provide low starting current and high locked-rotor torque, which provides a lot of convenience for my work. I really like to use 1hpNEMA AC induction motor to work, and I highly recommend buying it.
    From: Moyer | Date: 07/03/2021
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