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    3/4 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Split Phase 115/230V, ODP/TEFC

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    Cheap 3/4 hp split phase AC induction motor, 4 pole, 1725 rpm, 1.25 SF, ODP or TEFC enclosure type, foot mounted of mounting method, suitable operation at 60Hz 150/230V AC.
    SKU: ATO-IM-RS344
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    56 frame split phase AC electric induction motor or asynchronous motor, 3/4 hp output power, 1725 rpm speed, NEMA design B, full load current 8.8 amps at 115V, 4.4 amps at 150/230V. Highly compact and rigid in order to deflect any deflection during operation.

    3/4 hp Induction Motor Specification

    Basics Model ATORS344D01 ATORS344T01
    Enclosure ODP TEFC
    Type General Purpose Asynchronous Motor
    Item Weight 25 Ibs
    Motor Length 12.7 inch
    Frame 56 Frame
    Design NEMA Design B
    Certification CE, UL
    Motor Material Roll Steel
    Technical Parameters Service Factor 1.25
    Horsepower 1/2 hp
    Rated Frequency 60 Hz
    Phase Split Phase
    Pole 4 pole
    Voltage 115/230V AC
    Full Load Amps 8.8/4.4A
    Speed 1725 RPM
    Efficiency 73%
    Duty Continuous
    Isulation Class Class F
    Protection Class IP54/ IP55
    Mounting Method Foot Mounted
    Environment Ambient temperature -15℃≤θ≤40℃
    Altitude Altitude should be lower than 1000 meters above sea level

    3/4 hp Induction Motor Dimension

    1/2 hp AC Single Phase Induction Motor Dimension

    Unit: inch

    Frame Size AB BA Max A Max B C D E 2F H N N-W O P R S U Min V Min ES Min AA
    56 5.6 2.75 6.5 4.2 11.4 3.5 2.44 3 0.34 2.4 1.88 6.7 6.45 0.517 0.188 0.625 1.5 1.41 1/2

    NEMA AC Induction Motor Connection Diagram

    Nema induction motor connection diagram


    3/4hp NEMA AC Induction Motor Details

    Tips: Faults of AC Induction Motor
    The faults of AC induction motor are generally divided into two parts: One part is the mechanical reason, such as the damaged bearing or fan blade. The other part is the electromagnetism fault. The two are correlated. For example, the bearing damage will probably cause motor overload or even short circuit. The damage of the fan blade enables the motor winding to have difficult heat dissipation, increased temperature and low insulation. There are many reasons for electromagnetism fault. For example, motor overload, short circuit or voltage shortage can cause motor damage, in which, short circuit is more dangerous. In addition to the above, the reasons causing motor fault still include the following reasons:

    1. Too high ambient temperature, poor dissipation condition.
    2. High starting current of the motor or too long starting time.
    3. Long-term low-speed operation of the motor.
    4. Frequent starting and braking and so on of the motor.
    Existing reviews of 3/4 hp NEMA AC Induction Motor, Split Phase 115/230V, ODP/TEFC
    This 3/4 hp AC induction motor works
    Ordered this single phase induction motor to replace an old motor on a hay elevator. So far, no issues. It works as it should.
    From: Dennis Schultz | Date: 11/10/2018
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