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    How to Change Induction Motor Wye Connection to Delta Connection?

    Induction motor refers to a motor that relies on electromagnetic induction between the stator and the rotor to induce current in the rotor to realize electromechanical energy conversion. Three-phase asynchronous motors generally have two wiring structures, WYE (Y) and Delta (△). When the Y-type access voltage is 380V, we can change it to △ type 220V.

     Induction Motor Wye Connection and Delta Connection

    Step 1:

    • Open the junction box of this three-phase induction motor.
    • ATO small power three-phase induction motor defaults to 380VAC Y-shaped structure.
    • U2, V2, W2 are connected together.

    Open the junction box of 1 phase induction motor

    Step 2:

    1. Connect L1, L2, L3 with line voltage of 380V to U1, V1, W1, and the induction motor can run normally.
    2. Delta (△) connects U1 and W1, U2 and V1, W1 and V2, respectively.
    3. At this time, the rated voltage of the motor becomes three-phase 220VAC with the motor power unchanged.
    4. The motor can be operated normally by connecting the three-phase 220V voltage to their junction.

    Change Induction Motor Wye Connection to Delta Connection

    View the video below to learn more details about Induction motor Wye(star) connection changed to Delta connection. Moreover, ATO provides 1 hp (0.75kW) to 20hp (15kW) three phase induction motor for your choices, buy them online now!

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