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    EMI Power Line Filter Price List

    A power line filter, also called EMI power line filter, is a filter circuit composed of capacitors, inductors and resistors. It is a passive bi-directional network, one end of which is connected with the power supply and the other end is the load. The power line filter works based on the principle of impedance matching network: the bigger the impedance matching between the input and output of power line filter and the load, the more effective the attenuation of electromagnetic interference.

    Well, what does a power line filter do? There always appear the noises at the power supply equipment input end to generate radio frequency interference and conducted interference when the switching power supply is working or electronic equipment is under switching on/off status, as well as interfere other electronic equipment when connected with the AC power. Therefore, some measures should be taken to suppress it. In terms of the suppression of the RFI, electromagnetic shielding is a best way. As for the conducted interference of EMI noise, it is a very effective method to use an EMI power line filter, of course, matching with good grounding.

    ATO power line filtersĀ are characterized with excellent differential mode and common mode attenuation performance to suppress EMI or RFI, which provide an electromagnetic shielding for your equipment or devices. In addtion, ATO also offers you EMC line filters special for variable frequency drive, VFD input filter and VFD output filter, with current rating from 6A/10A/20A/30A to 1000A, low leakage current, stable performance and favorable price. The below is ATO power line filter price list for your reference.

    EMI Power line filter price list

    Items SKU Price Rated Current Type
    1A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase ATO-EMI-2101 $57.85 1A 1 phase single stage
    3A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase ATO-EMI-2103 $67.85 3A 1 phase single stage
    6A EMI Power Line Filter, 1 Phase ATO-EMI-2106 $77.85 6A 1 phase single stage
    EMI Power Line Filter 6A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-1006 $81.23 5A 3 phase single stage
    EMI Power Line Filter 10A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-1010 $84.92 10A 3 phase single stage
    20A EMI/RFI Power Line Filter, 3 phase ATO-EMI-1020 $91.07 20A 3 phase single stage
    Power Line Filter, EMI/RFI, 30A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-1030 $110.31 30A 3 phase single stage
    EMI Line Filter, 40A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-1040 $126.15 40A 3 phase single stage
    EMI Line Filter, 50A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-10540 $132.61 50A 3 phase single stage
    EMI Line Filter, 100A, 3 phase ATO-EMI-10100 $234.31 100A 3 phase single stage
    10A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-2010 $119.08 10A 3 phase dual stage
    20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-2020 $162.92 20A 3 phase dual stage
    30A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-2030 $178.92 30A 3 phase dual stage
    50A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-2050 $204.46 50A 3 phase dual stage
    80A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-2080 $283.62 75A 3 phase dual stage
    100A 3-phase Power Line Filter, 2 Stage ATO-EMI-20100 $320.54 100A 3 phase dual stage

    Note: The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please move to theĀ filter product page. Generally, it's cheaper than the price in the table.

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