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    EMC Output Filter for VFD, 6A/20A/80A/150A/300A to 1000A

    Good quality EMC output filter for sale, designed for VFD load side to reduce the common-mode noise, protect the load and extend service life, 3-phase VFD output filter with rated voltage 250/440VAC 50/60Hz, current rating from 6 Amps to 1000 Amps, threaded stud or quick connect, high performance yet favorable price.
    SKU: ATO-EMC-730T
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    3-phase EMC output filters are used to suppress the interference of the VFD output side to the load. It is greatly hulpful to solve the problems of load heating, howling, etc. that are easily generated during long-distance transmission of the variable frequency device. It works better with the reactor. With current rating from 6A, 15A, 30A, 50A, 80A to 1000A, the VFD output filter works at AC 250/440V 50/60Hz to effectively restrain the common-mode interference on the load transmission lines so as to protect the load and extend the load's service life.

    Applications: The EMC output filters are suitable for variable frequency drives, servomotors, frequency converters and and other industrial equipment that require long-distance transmission.


    1. Technical Data

    Model ATO-MT730T
    Rate Voltage 250/440V AC
    Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
    Phase 3 Phase
    Rated Current @40℃ 6A-1000A
    Climatic Category 25/085/21 (-25℃ to +85℃)
    Test Voltage 2250V DC 3S (P - P); 2700V DC 3S (P - E)

    2. Selection Table

    Model Rated Current @40℃ VFD Power (kVA) Dimension Connection Weight (kg)
    Threaded Stud Quick Connect
    ATO-MT730T-6 6A 1.5 Fig.1 M4 1.2
    ATO-MT730T-10 10A 3.0 Fig.1 M4 1.2
    ATO-MT730T-15 15A 5.5 Fig.1 M4 1.3
    ATO-MT730T-20 20A 7.5 Fig.1 M4 1.7
    ATO-MT730T-25 25A 11.0 Fig.2 M6 1.8
    ATO-MT730T-30 30A 15.0 Fig.2 M6 1.8
    ATO-MT730T-40 40A 18.5 Fig.2 M6 1.8
    ATO-MT730T-50 50A 22.0 Fig.3 M6 3.2
    ATO-MT730T-60 60A 30.0 Fig.3 M6 3.2
    ATO-MT730T-80 80A 37.0 Fig.3 M8 3.5
    ATO-MT730T-100 100A 45.0 Fig.3 M8 3.5
    ATO-MT730T-120 120A 55.0 Fig.3 M8 6.5
    ATO-MT730T-150 150A 75.0 Fig.4 M10 6.7
    ATO-MT730T-200 200A 95.0 Fig.4 M10 11
    ATO-MT730T-300 300A 110/132 Fig.6 O 14
    ATO-MT730T-400 400A 160 Fig.6 O 14
    ATO-MT730T-500 500A 200 Fig.6 O 21
    ATO-MT730T-630 630A 315 Fig.6 O 21
    ATO-MT730T-800 800A 375 Fig.6 O 21
    ATO-MT730T-1000 1000A 450 Fig.6 O 21

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    6A-30A EMC Input Line Filter Dimension

    40A-200A EMC Input Line Filter Dimensions

     300A-1000A EMC Input Line Filter Dimensions

    Tips: Working principle of EMC filter for VFD

    The interference signal has two modes: differential mode and common mode, so the filter for VFD should have attenuation for both types of interference. There are three basic principles:
    1. Take advantage of the characteristics of capacitor - high frequency passing and low frequency isolating, to direct the high-frequency interference currents of the live and neutral lines to the ground (common mode), or direct the high-frequency interference currents of the live line to the neutral (differential mode).
    2. Use the impedance characteristics of the inductor to reflect the high-frequency interference current back to the interference source.
    3. The interference suppression ferrite can be used to absorb the interference signal of a certain frequency band and convert it into heat. Therefore, for the frequency band of a certain interference signal, the appropriate interference suppression ferrite magnetic ring or magnetic beads can be selected and directly placed on the cable that needs filtering.


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