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    EMI Power Line Filter 10A, 3 phase

    EMI power line filter, 3-phase single-stage, rated current 10A, operating frequency 50/60Hz and maximun voltage rating to 440V AC. It is kind of 3- phase 3-wire power line filter with excellenct attenuation performance, widely used in the industrial environments.
    SKU: ATO360-10
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    10A EMI power line filter is easily mounted, effective noise suppression, and provides effective shield for the power supplies like variable speed drives, 3-phase motors, vfd, elevators, UPS and automatic equipment.


    Basics Model ATO360-10
    Type 3-phase single-stage
    Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
    Weight 0.35kg
    Installation Screw M4
    Technical parameters Rated voltage(Max) 440V AC
    Operating frequency 50/60Hz
    Hipot rating(one minute) Line to line 2250V DC
    Line to ground 2700V DC
    Rated current(@ 40℃) 10A
    Leakage current(Line to ground) ≤0.5mA @ 250V AC 50Hz
    Insulation Resistance(Line to ground) 200MΩ @ 500V DC for one minute
    Inductance L 2.1mH
    Capacitance CX 0.22μF
    CY 4.7nF
    Resistance R 1 MΩ
    Insertion loss in dB (measured in 50Ω system)
    Frequency(MHz) 0.1 0.15 0.5 1 5 10 30
    Common mode(line to ground) 23 25 32 38 50 59 53
    Differential mode (line to line) 15 15 30 57 68 71 60


    dimensions 5a 10a

    Electrical schematic

    electrical schematic

    Tips: How to use filter to suppress EMI of switching power supply?
    Filter is an effective measure to restrain interference, especially conducting interference and radiation interference for switching power supply EMI signal. Conducting interference signal in any power line could be expressed by differential mode and common mode signal. Differential mode interference will transmit between 2 wires, belonging to symmetrical interference; common mode interference transmits between wire and grounding (housing), belonging to non-symmetrical interference. Under normal condition, differential mode interference has small range, low frequency, and the caused interference is small. Common mode interference has large range, high frequency, able to generate radiation through wire, and the caused interference is large. Therefore, if you want to weaken conducting interference and control the EMI signal under the limit level which is stipulated by related EMC standard, the best way is to install EMI filter in switching power supply input and output circuit. Working frequency of switching power is about 10kHz~100kHz. Most of EMC standards specified that the limit value of conducting interference level is from 10 kHz. Referring to high frequency band EMI signal generating by switch power supply, only choose the EMI filter with decoupling circuit or simple network structure, and then you can get satisfied effect.

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