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    EMI Line Filter, 40A, 3 phase

    EMI line filter, 3-phase single-stage, rated current 40A, rated voltage 440V AC, easy mounting with screw terminals, high performance in noise suppression yet low price.
    SKU: ATO-EMI-81G340
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    40A EMI line filter is compact structure, easy to install, excellent differential mode and common mode attenuation performance and widely applied in 3-phase motor drive, UPS, packaging equipment and other automatic equipment.

    40A 3-Phase Filter Specification

    Model ATO-YB81G3-40A
    Filter Type Three Phase
    Configuration Single Stage
    Rated Current @ 40℃ 40A
    Rated Voltage 440V AC
    Operating Frequency 50/60Hz
    Leakage Current ≤10mA @ 250V AC 50Hz
    Hipot Rating (one minute) Line to Line 2100V DC
    Line to Ground 2700V DC
    Climatic Category 25/085/21
    Working Tempearte -25°C~+85°C
    Output Termainal Screw
    Dimension See below

    EMI Filter Dimensions

    50A 3-phase emi power line filter dimension

    Electrical Schematic

    Three phase emi filter electrical schematic

    Insertion Loss Table (in 50Ω system acccording to IEC/CISPR No.17)

    EMI power line filter insertion loss table

    Tips: How to select power line filter?

    1. According to equipment rated working voltage, current and frequency, it can confirm filter type. Don’t take too small rated current of filter, otherwise it will damage filter or reduce filter life time. Don’t take too large rated current, because large current will increase filter dimension or reduce filter electrical performance. Normally confirm filter rated current according to 1.2 times of equipment rated current.
    2. According to field interference source of equipment, confirm types of interference noise, common mode interference or differential mode interference, and then select the suitable filter. If interference type can’t be confirmed, thus confirm filter model according to practical exploration, which is a practical and effective method.
    3. Select a filter according to allowable value of maximum leakage current, especially for some medical care equipment.
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