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    20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage

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    3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire EMI power line filter in dual-stage configuration, current rating 20 Amp, voltage rating 250/440V AC 50/60Hz, high performance, compact design, great EMI filter for servo system, motor drives, etc.
    SKU: ATO-EMI-2020
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    20A dual-stage EMI power line filter for 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire AC power system, features compact, easy to install and excellent performance, which is widely used in servo system, automation equipment and machine tools, including 3 phase motor drives, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, industrial air conditioners, UPS, communication equipment, etc.


    Model ATO-MT720-20 ATO-MT820-20
    Configuration 2 Stage 2 Stage
    Rated Current @ 40℃ 20A 20A
    Rated Voltage 250/440V AC 440V AC
    Operating Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
    Phase Three Phase Three Wire Three Phase Four Wire
    Leakage Current (250VAC 50Hz @ 20℃) ≤4.0mA ≤2.0mA
    Filter Range 150KHz-30MHz 150KHz-30MHz
    Hipot Rating (one minute) Line to Line: 2250VDC 3S
    Line to Ground: 2700VDC 3S
    Line to Line: 2250V DC
    Line to Neutral: 1760V DC
    Line to Ground: 2700V DC
    Climatic Category 25/085/21 25/085/21
    Working Temperature -25°C~+85°C -25°C~+85°C
    Output Termainal Threaded stud Threaded stud
    Weight 1kg 1kg
    Dimension See below See below

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    • 3-phase 3-wire line filter

    20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter Dimension

    • 3-phase 4-wire line filter

    10A 20A 3-Phase 4-Wire EMI Power Line Filter Dimension

    Electrical Schematic

    • 3-phase 3-wire line filter

    3-phase 2-stage Power Line Filter Electrical Schematic

    • 3-phase 4-wire line filter

    10A 3-Phase 4-Wire EMI Power Line Filter Electrical Schematic

    Tips: Band pass filter vs. band stop filter

    1. Definition & performance

    • Band pass filter: allows certain frequency band signal to pass through, and restrains lower or higher than the certain frequency band signal, interference and noise.
    • Band stop filter: restrains certain frequency band signal and allows signals outside the certain frequency band to pass through.

    2. Working principle

    A perfect band pass filter should has a complete flat pass band without amplification or attenuation in the pass band, and all frequency outside pass band would be attenuated completely. Besides, the conversion outside pass band will be completed within very small frequency range. Actually, no perfect band pass filter existed. Filter can’t attenuate all frequency outside the expected frequency range completely, especially outside the requested pass band there is an attenuated but not insulated range. This is usually called filter roll down phenomenon, and expressed with attenuation fluctuation dB value of every 10 times frequency. Usually, filter design would try to guarantee roll down range as narrow as possible, in the case filter performance will get closer to design. But, with the roll down range getting smaller, pass band will no longer flat, starting to appear “ripple”. This phenomenon is obvious at pass band edge, which is called Gibbs phenomenon. Band stop filter can pass most frequency component, attenuating the certain range frequency component to extremely low level. It’s opposite with band pass filter definition. Among them, notch filter is a special band stop filter, whose stop band range is very small, and has very high Q factor.

    Existing reviews of 20A 3-phase EMI Line Filter, 2 Stage
    Do you provide split phase, 2 hot line EMI filter?
    Do you provide split phase, 2 hot line EMI filter?
    From: Dale | Date: 19/10/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately No. Only 1-phase and 3-phase configuration.
    The line filter arrived in a timely manner.
    The line filter arrived in a timely manner and I’m using it now. I cut down line noise for the drive from other devices. It appears to be effective and the device seems to run more smoothly.
    From: Shane | Date: 25/01/2019
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