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    Digital Timer Relay, 8 Pin, 12V/24V/220V

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    Digital timer relay with 3-digit LED display, on-delay timer, time setting range 0.01~999 second/minute/hour, supply voltages 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC. 8-pin timer relay with optional 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail, easy to install, high accuracy and wide time delay range.
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    Digital timer relays, 8-pin time delay relay, have timing setting range 0.01~999s / 0.01~999min / 0.01~999h, easy to read with 3-digit display. High quality and low price digital timer relay is widely applied in the industrial automation field with operating voltage 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC.


    Model ATO-TH200 ATO-TH300
    Mode of Operation On delay timer
    Supply Voltage (Optional) 220V AC or 12V DC or 24V DC
    Output Mode (Optional) Mode 2: One group instantaneous and one group delay output
    Mode 3: One group suspension delay output
    Mode 4: Two groups sync delay output
    Time Setting Range 0.01~999 second/minute/hour
    Display Mode 3-digit display
    Contact Capacity 220VAC/3A 28VDC/5A (Resistive Load)
    Power Comsuption ≤2W
    Mounting Type Panel Mount
    Dimensions External (W*H*D) 58*88*68mm 40*50*58mm
    Cut-Out (W*H) 52*64mm 45.5*56mm
    Accessary (Optional) 8-pin Mounting Socket
    Weight 1kg
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 50℃
    Humidity ≤85% no caustic or magnetic interference

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    ATO-TH200 Digital Timer Relay
    ATO-TH300 Digital Timer Relay
    ATO-TH200 digital timer relay dimension TH300 digital timer relay dimension

    Digital Timer Relay Connection & Output Operation Mode

    • Mode 2: One group instantaneous and one group time delay output Mode 3: One group suspension delay output
    Mode 2 Timer Relay Switch Connection Diagram Mode 3 Timer Relay Switch Output Connection
    Mode 2& 3 Timer Relay Output Operation Mode
    Mode 4: Two group sync time delay output
    Mode 4 Time Delay Relay Connection Mode 4 Time Delay Relay Output Operation Mode

    Tips: How a time delay relay work?

    Timer relay or time delay relay is a kind of relay that realized the time delay control based on the electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle.

    When the coil is energized, the armature and the pallet are attracted by the iron core and move down instantaneously, so that the instantaneous group of contact is switched on or off. But the piston rod and the lever cannot fall along with the armature at the same time. The upper end of the piston rod is connected to the rubber film in the air chamber. When the piston rod starts to move down under the action of releasing the spring, the rubber film is then concave down, and the air in the above chamber becomes thin to make the piston rod fall slowly affected by damping. After a certain period of time, the piston rod moves down to a certain position, and the delay time contact is actuated by the lever, so that the normally closed contact is open and the normally open contact is closed. From the powering-on of the coil to the completion of the delay time contact action, this period is the time limit of the timer relay. The length of the delay time can be changed by adjusting the size of the air inlet of the air chamber. After the coil is de-energized, the relay relies on the recovery spring to restore.

    Existing reviews of Digital Timer Relay, 8 Pin, 12V/24V/220V
    Brings convenience to my work
    This 8 pin digital timer relay is light, easy to carry and brings great convenience to my work. After receiving the timer relay, I carefully read the instructions and found no problems in the process of use.
    From: Eambay | Date: 01/11/2022
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    Which model should we choose for our greenhouse?
    Hello, which model should we choose for a greenhouse: we live in Europe 220V and we would like to switch on a humidifier 220V every 5 minutes for one minute and a fan in a similar cycle. Are both ATO-TIMER-TH100 and ATO-TIMER-TH200 able to do that?
    From: Bisch | Date: 24/01/2022
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    ATO Responded
    The ATO-TIMER-TH100 model is suitable for the required function, as you can set both delay time (SV) and an output delay time (T).
    The timing function of time relay
    For your TH200 timer relay, how does the timing function begin the countdown?
    From: Albert | Date: 28/12/2020
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    ATO Responded
    The timer relay will keep the original timing state when setting parameters is pressed, and it will take effect immediately after setting the parameters and exiting the setting state.
    Timer relay working voltage
    Can your timer relay model #ATO-TH200 timer work on 220V 3ph?
    From: Dave | Date: 27/07/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, this timer relay ATO-TH200 can run based on 2 hot line of the 3-phase 220V power supply with no problem.
    Timer relay setup
    For your ATO-TIMER-TH200 Timer Relay, can it be setup in seconds, and how long?
    From: Phillips | Date: 07/07/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Our ATO-TIMER-TH200 Timer Relay can be setup in seconds, minutes and hours, and for duration up to 999h (hours).
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