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    EMI Line Filter, 100A, 3 phase

    3-phase single-stage EMI line filter, with rated current 100A and maximun voltage rating to 440V AC, is designed to perform in industrial environment and has effective noise suppression to protect the equipment from the interference.
    SKU: ATO360-100
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    100A EMI filter is commonly used as 3-phase 3-wire power line filter with compact structure, easy mounting, excellent attenuation performance.


    Basics Model ATO360-100
    Type 3-phase single-stage
    Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
    Weight 2.5kg
    Installation Screw M8
    Technical parameters Rated voltage(Max) 440V AC
    Operating frequency 50/60Hz
    Hipot rating(one minute) Line to line 2250V DC
    Line to ground 2700V DC
    Rated current(@ 40℃) 100A
    Leakage current(Line to ground) ≤1mA @ 250V AC 50Hz
    Insulation Resistance(Line to ground) 200MΩ @ 500V DC for one minute
    Inductance L 0.2mH
    Capacitance CX 1μF
    CY 10nF
    Resistance R 0.22 MΩ
    Insertion loss in dB (measured in 50Ω system)
    Frequency(MHz) 0.1 0.15 0.5 1 5 10 30
    Common mode(line to ground) 5 7 15 20 36 41 41
    Differential mode (line to line) 17 31 40 70 67 62 75


    emi filter dimensions 75a 100a

    Electrical schematic

    electrical schematic

    Tips: Difference between reactors and filters
    A filter is a network with selection for frequency. It can allow AC electricity at certain frequency band to pass through smoothly, and have much attenuation for AC electricity at other frequency band.
    Reactor used in power grid is an air core coil with non-magnetic material. It has three assembling type according to requirement, that is vertical, horizontal and delta shape. When short circuit happens in power system, it will generate big value short current. Without restraining, it will be difficult to keep electrical equipment dynamic stable and heat stable. Therefore, in order to satisfy breaking capacity requirement of some circuit breaker, usually connect reactor in series at outgoing circuit breaker position, to increase short-circuit impedance and restrain short-circuit current.
    As a result of using reactor, when short circuit occurs, reactor voltage drop is large and it plays a role of maintaining bus line voltage level to make the voltage in small fluctuation, which guarantees electrical equipment work stably in non-fault line. In all, passive filter is composed of reactor, capacitor, sometimes resistor required. That is, reactor is only an element of filter. Of course for low pass filter (wave resistance) or high pass filter (trapping wave), they could be composed of single reactor. Reactor can be used in filter, also for resonant loop, output reactive current, limit current etc.

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