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    Power Line Filter, EMI/RFI, 30A

    EMI/RFI power line filter, rated current 30A, operating frequency 50/60Hz and rated voltage 440V AC. 3-phase single-stage EMI filter is generally used in 3-phase power supplies filtering in the industrial environment.
    SKU: ATO360-30
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    30A EMI/RFI power line filter is a desired noise filter to protect the equipment from the outside interference with excellent attenuation performance.


    Basics Model ATO360-30
    Type 3-phase single-stage
    Operating temperature -25℃~85℃
    Weight 0.56kg
    Installation Screw M6
    Technical parameters Rated voltage(Max) 440V AC
    Operating frequency 50/60Hz
    Hipot rating(one minute) Line to line 2250V DC
    Line to ground 2700V DC
    Rated current(@ 40℃) 30A
    Leakage current(Line to ground) ≤1mA @ 250V AC 50Hz
    Insulation Resistance(Line to ground) 200MΩ @ 500V DC for one minute
    Inductance L 0.7mH
    Capacitance CX 0.47μF
    CY 10nF
    Resistance R 0.47 MΩ
    Insertion loss in dB (measured in 50Ω system)
    Frequency(MHz) 0.1 0.15 0.5 1 5 10 30
    Common mode(line to ground) 22 25 31 31 40 41 44
    Differential mode (line to line) 20 29 50 50 57 60 48


    dimensions 20a 30a

    Electrical schematic

    electrical schematic

    Tips: EMI filter important technical parameter- insertion loss
    The most important technical parameter of EMI filter is the capability to restrain interference, normally referring to Insertion Loss. It’s the ratio between the powers transmitting from interference source to load before connecting filter and after connecting filter, and it uses dB as unit. EMI filter insertion loss is relevant with network parameter of filter network and impedance of source end and load end. To avoid filtering useful signal, insertion loss should be specified carefully. No matter what EMC standard is in the military use or civil use, it has clear specification for equipment or sub system power line conducting interference level. The difference value between estimated or tested EMI conducting interference level and standard conducting interference level is the minimum insertion loss of requested EMI filter. Yet, it is impossible in actual project to do EMC test for different single equipment, then analyze its conducting interference characteristic, and design the filter satisfying with requirement. The suitable filter only needs to be selected according to actual status.

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