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    7.5 hp (5.5kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor

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    Cheap 3 phase AC induction motor or asynchronous motor, 4 pole 1440rpm, squirrel-cage type, 7.5 hp (5.5kW) nominal power with 380 Volts @ 50Hz voltage, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Enclosure, foot mounting, high-efficiency performance, high starting torque, little vibration, and reliable operation.
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    7.5 hp (5.5kW) 3-phase 4-pole AC induction motor or asynchronous motor can be widely used in various kinds of general purpose machineries like fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools, transportation and so on. Rugged construction, low maintenance cost and economical price.

    7.5hp Induction Motor Specification

    Basics Model ATO-Y2-132S-4
    Design Standard IEC
    Weight 60kg
    Frame Type 132S
    Mounting Horizontal Foot Mounting (B3)
    Wiring Method Output≤4hp (3kW), Y connection
    Output≥5.5hp (4kW), Delta connection
    Degree of protection IP54/IP55
    Insulation Class Class F
    Cooling TEFC (compliance to IC 411 code of IEC 60034-6)
    Technical Parameters Nominal Output 7.5hp or 5.5kW
    Pole Number 4-pole
    Nominal Speed 1440rpm
    Frequency 50Hz
    Nominal Voltage 380V
    Nominal Current (full load) 11.7A
    Efficiency 85.7%
    Power Factor( cosφ) 0.83
    Nominal Torque (Tn) 36.50Nm
    Locked Rotor Torque/Nominal Torque (TST/Tn) 2.3
    Maximum Torque/Nominal Torque (Tmax/Tn) 2.3
    Locked Rotor Current/Nominal Current (IST/In) 7.0
    Noise Level 71dB/(A)
    Environment Ambient Temperature -15℃+40℃
    Altitude Less than 1000m above sea level

    Three-phase Induction Motor Dimensions
    Three-phase AC induction motor dimensions

    Frame Type Mounting Dimensions (mm) Overall Dimensions
    A A/2 B C D E F G H K AB AC AD HD L
    132S 216 108 140 89 38 80 10 33 132 12 270 275 210 345 470

    Wiring Diagrams (Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor)
    3 phase induction motor wiring connection diagram


    5500W AC Induction Motor Details

    Tips: Induction motor’s working principle
    Through the rotating magnetic field generated by a stator and the relative movement of rotor windings, the induced electromotive force generated by rotor winding, as a result of magnetic line cutting, makes the rotor windings to generate induced current. The interaction between the induced current of rotor windings and the magnetic field generates the electromagnetic torque that rotates the rotor. As the rotor speed gradually approaches to the synchronous speed, the induced current gradually decreases and the electromagnetic torque generated reduces accordingly. When the asynchronous motor operates in the motor state, the rotor speed is smaller than the synchronous speed. Therefore, it is also known as asynchronous motor.

    Existing reviews of 7.5 hp (5.5kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor
    3-phase induction motor speed control
    Does your 3-phase induction motor work with booster drive to control the speed via frequency change?
    From: Samer | Date: 13/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, it works for booster drive. It is best to control the frequency in the range (30-50Hz), and does not go below 30Hz to avoid over-temperature.
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