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    1.5 hp (1.1kW) 3 phase 4 pole AC Induction Motor

    Three-phase 4-pole induction motor, with nominal power of 1.5 hp or 1.1kW, has 380V, 400V, 415V and 525V available with the nominal speed of 1425rpm. Frame size compliance to IEC standards, horizontal foot mounting, low cost, high efficiency and simple operation.
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    1.5 hp (1.1kW) 3-phase 4-pole AC induction motor or asynchronous motor features 1425rpm of rated speed, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled design in line with IP55 and meet the efficiency class IE2. It can widely used in various kinds of general purpose machineries like fans, pumps, compressors, machine tools, transportation and so on and can also be used in the hazardous areas such as petrochemical, mining, steel industries.


    Basics Model ATO-YE2-90S-4
    Design Standard IEC
    Weight 26kg
    Mounting Horizontal Foot Mounting
    Frame Size 90S (compliance to IEC60034)
    Enclosure Totally Enclosed
    Degree of protection IP55 according to IEC600034-5
    Cooling TEFC(compliance to IC 411 code of IEC 60034-6)
    Efficiency Class IE2 according to IEC60034-30-2008
    Technical Parameters Nominal Output 1.5hp or 1.1kW
    Pole Number 4-pole
    Nominal Speed 1425rpm
    Frequency 50Hz
    Nominal Voltage 380V 400V 415V 525V
    Nominal Current(IFL) 2.6A 2.5A 2.4A 1.9A
    Locked Rotor Current/IFL 6.4
    Efficiency 81.5%
    Power Factor( cosφ) 0.78
    Nominal Torque 7.4Nm
    Locked Rotor Torque/TFL 2.4
    Maximum Torque/TFL 2.5
    Moment of Interia 0.004kgm²
    Noise Level 59dB(A)
    Vibration Level Grade A
    Insulation Class Class F/Class B
    Environment Ambient Temperature -20℃+40℃
    Altitude Less than 1000m above sea level

    three phase induction motor foot mounting B3

    Frame Size A AA AB AC AD' B BB C D E ED F G GD H HA HD K KK L LG
    90S 140 36 180 195 150 100 180 56 24 50 32 8 20 7 90 12.5 260 10 M24*1.5 360 126

    Wiring Diagrams (Three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor)
    3 phase induction motor wiring connection diagram

    Tips: Induction motor’s characteristics
    Compared with other motors, the induction motor has the advantages such as simple structure, convenience in manufacture, use and maintenance, high operational reliability, light weight, low cost. Taken the three-phase induction motor as an example, compared with the DC motor with the same power and speed, the former weight is only half of the latter at one-third cost. It also has the load characteristics of constant speed that can satisfy machinery driving requirement of a majority of industrial and agricultural production. Its limitation is that due to the poor speed controlling performance caused by the fixed slip between its rotate speed and the synchronous speed of its rotating magnetic field, so it is not so economic or convenient as direct current motor under the usage occasion that requires a wider range of smooth speed control such as rolling mill, winding engine, large size machine tool etc. In addition, induction motors draw reactive power from the power system during the operation, resulting in the deterioration of power factor of power system. Therefore, on the occasion of high power and low speed such as driving ball grinding mill and compressor, using synchronous motors is more reasonable.

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