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    AC Servo Motor Price List

    Why choose a servo motor?
    A servo motor is an actuator that allows for precise control of angular position in automatic control system. It also requires a servo drive to complete the system. The drive uses the feedback sensor to precisely control the rotary position of the motor. Compared with other motors, such as stepper motors and AC induction motors, what are the advantages of servo motors?

    • The servo motor realizes the closed loop control of position, speed and torque, and overcomes the problem of stepper motor losing step.
    • The servo motor has high speed performance, and the normal rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm.
    • The servo motor has strong resistance to overload, and can withstand three times the load of rated torque. It is especially suitable for the occasion of instantaneous load fluctuation and fast starting.
    • The servo motor runs smoothly at low speed, and it does not produce the step running phenomenon similar to stepper motor. It is suitable for situations with high speed response requirements.
    • The dynamic time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, usually within tens of milliseconds.
    • The heat and noise of the motor are obviously reduced.

    ATO AC servo motors give you unprecedented choice and flexibility from a wide range of standard products power rating from 50w to 7.5kw, so you can select the best servo motor with lower price for your application.
    ato servo motors
    ATO AC servo motor price list

    Power Rating Flange Size Rated Speed Rated Torque/Peak Torque Price Model
    50W 40mm 3000 rpm 0.16/0.32 Nm $304.15  ATO40ST-M00130220
    100W 40mm 3000 rpm 0.32/0.64 Nm $329.54  ATO40ST-M00330220
    200W 60mm 3000 rpm 0.64/1.91 Nm $345.56  ATO60SY-M00630S
    400W 60mm 3000 rpm 1.27/3.81 Nm $368.31  ATO60SY-M01330S
    500W 80mm 3000 rpm 1.6/4.8 Nm $356.31  ATO80SY-M01630S
    600W 60mm 3000 rpm 1.91/5.4 Nm $376.15  ATO60SY-M01930S
    750W 80mm 3000 rpm 2.4/7.2 Nm $393.25  ATO80SY-M02430
    800W 60mm 2000 rpm 4/12 Nm $485.31  ATO110SY-M04020
    1 kW 80mm 2500 rpm 4/10 Nm $424.23  ATO130ST-M10010
    1 kW 130mm 1000 rpm 10/25 Nm $564.62  ATO130SY-M10010
    1.2 kW 110mm 3000 rpm 4/12 Nm $455.31  ATO110SY-M04030
    1.3 kW 130mm 2500 rpm 5/15 Nm $578.23  ATO130SY-M05025
    1.5 kW 130mm 1500 rpm 10/25 Nm $608.56  ATO130SY-M10015
    1.5 kW 110mm 3000 rpm 5/15 Nm $503.23   ATO110SY-M05030
    1.8 kW 110mm 3000 rpm 6/18 Nm $559.15  ATO110SY-M06030
    2 kW 130mm 2500 rpm 7.7/22 Nm $644.78  ATO130SY-M07725
    2.7 kW 180mm 1500 rpm 17/34 Nm $764.92  ATO180SY-M17015-H
    3 kW 150mm 2000 rpm 15/30 Nm $627.69  ATO150CST-M15020
    3.6 kW 150mm 2000 rpm 18/36 Nm $723.31  ATO150CST-M18020
    3.7 kW 180mm 1500 rpm 35/70 Nm $839.45  ATO180ST-M35010
    3.8 kW 150mm 2500 rpm 15/30 Nm $736.69  ATO150CST-M15025
    4.5 kW 180mm 2000 rpm 21.5/53 Nm 1,046.85 ATO180ST-M21520
    5.5 kW 150mm 2000 rpm 27/54 Nm $908.36  ATO150CST-M27020
    7.5 kW 180mm 1500 rpm 48/96 Nm 1,265.74 ATO180ST-M48015
    Servo Drive
    AC Servo Drive for ATO Servo Motor
    AC Servo Drive for 200W-400W Servo Motor
    AC Servo Drive for 400W-1000W Servo Motor
    AC Servo Drive for 1kW-2.6kW Servo Motor
    AC Servo Drive for 2kW-5.5kW Servo Motor

    Note: The AC servo motor prices listed in the table are just for your reference, they may be different with the selling price. Please go to the servo motors product page for the latest quotation.

    12/26/2018 5:42 AM
    What about drivers?
    1/9/2019 4:57 AM
    I have a paper bag machine, l will used pre-printed roll to produce bag, l need to control the cutting picture, the capacity of the machine is:
    H.P 5.5
    AMP 7.5/5.2
    Voltage 400/440
    R.P.M 2160/540
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