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    600W (3000rpm) High Torque AC Servo Motor

    Cheap Price servo motor, rated torque of 1.91N.m, 600W power rating, single or three phase 220V AC input, rated current of 3.5A. IP65 for body, long life and high reliable, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO60CST-M01930
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    600W high torque AC servo motor, peak torque of 5.73N.m, 3000rpm rated speed. It is widely used in factory automation, embroidery machines, printing machinery, CNC machine, wood carving and other fields.

    Basics Model ATO60CST-M01930
    Weight 2.07 Kg
    Length 169 mm
    Rated Power 600 W
    Rated Voltage 220V AC
    Rated Current 3.5 A
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Rated Torque 1.91 N.m
    Peak Torque 5.73 N.m
    Technical Parameters Voltage Constant 34V/ 1000r/ min
    Torque Coefficient 0.55 N.m/ A
    Torque Inertia 0.39 x 10-4 Kg.M2
    Line-Line Resistance 1.93 Ω
    Line-Line Inductance 10.7 mH
    Electrical Time-Constant 5.5 ms
    Encode Line Number 2500
    Insulation Class Class F
    Safety Class IP65
    Environment Temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃
    Humidity <90%RH, (no dewing)

    Motor Dimension
    servo motor 60 dimension
    Tips: Working principle of servo motor
    Servo motor mainly depends on pulse for fixing position, servo motor receives 1 pulse, then rotate for 1 pulse relative angle to realize displacement. Servo motor has function to send out pulse, therefore, servo motor would send out relative quantity pulse when rotating a certain angle. Then, it acts in cooperation with servo motor received pulse, or called closed loop. In the case, system knows the pulse quantity sent to servo motor, and the pulse received in return, then can control the motor operation accurately, and realize accurate position fixing, up to 0.001mm. The rotor inside servo motor is permanent magnet, U/V/W 3 phase electricity controlled by driver forms electromagnetic field, rotor rotates under action of magnetic field, simultaneously the coder inside motor gives signal back to driver, driver compares the feedback value and target value, adjust rotating angle of rotor.

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