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    2.7 kW AC Servo Motor, 380V, 43 Nm, 1500 rpm

    2.7 kW power rating servo motor, brushless design, 380V AC supply voltage, maximum output torque of 43N.m, equipped with a 2,500 PPR incremental encoder. It is available in a 180mm square flange size, with a brake option.
    SKU: ATO180ST-M17215
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    High torque AC servo motor, with a power rating of 2.7 kW, rated speed of 1500rpm, precise speed control. Brushless servo motor, IP65 for body, long life and high reliable.

    Basics Model ATO180ST-M17215
    Weight 19.5 Kg
    Length 226 mm
    Rated Power 2.7 kW
    Rated Voltage 380V AC
    Rated Current 6.5 A
    Rated Speed 1500 rpm
    Rated Torque 17.2 N.m
    Peak Torque 43 N.m
    Technical Parameters Voltage Constant 167 V/ 1000r/ min
    Torque Coefficient 2.65 N.m/ A
    Torque Inertia 6.5 x 10-3 Kg.M2
    Line-Line Resistance 1.47 Ω
    Line-Line Inductance 7.8 mH
    Electrical Time-Constant 5.3 ms
    Encode Line Number 2500
    Insulation Class Class F
    Safety Class IP65
    Environment Temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃
    Humidity <90%RH, (no dewing)

    Motor Dimension
    servo motor 180 dimension
    Tips: Installation precautions for servo motor

    1. When installing or removing coupling components to servo motor shaft terminal, do not use hammer to tap the shaft terminal directly. (If the shaft terminal is tapped directly by hammer, the encoder on the other terminal of servo motor shaft may be damaged.)
    2. Align the shaft terminal as much as possible (misalignment may cause vibration or damage to bearing).

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