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    AC Servo Drive for 200W-400W Servo Motor

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    Rated voltage of provided AC servo drive is 220V AC single/three phase, rated current is 15A, which designed for 200W/400W servo motor and the motor number is ATO-SERVO-60S200/ATO-SERVO-60S400.
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    AC Servo Drive for 200W-400W Servo Motor offers superior high speed performance, high functionality and closed loop control. Application fields including CNC machining equipment, food processing machine, material conveying equipment, medical apparatus and instruments, textile machinery and so on.

    Servo Drive Specification

    Model ATO-SG-AS15400 (Click it to see more specifications)
    Matching Servo Motor Model ATO-SERVO-60S200 (200W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-60S400 (400W servo motor)
    Manual Servo Driver product Manual
    Servo Driver User Manual
    Output Power 200W-400W
    Voltage Single/three phase 220V AC
    Input Signal Type* Pulse + analog (±10V) signal or pulse signal (Optional)
    Current 15A
    Control Mode Position control, Speed control, JOG operation
    Encoder Feedback 2500 lines incremental encoder
    17/23 bit absolute encoder
    Structure Base-mounted type
    Weight 1.5 Kg
    Application for 200W-400W AC servo motor
    Operate Temperature 0℃~+50℃
    Humidity <90% (no frost)

    Note: Our AC Servo Drive will come with a RS485 control software, so you can only monitor the motor parameters through 485 communication, but you cannot use it to control the motor.

    Servo Drive Terminal Details

    Servo driver terminals detail

    NO. Name Description
    1 Front Cover --
    2 Nameplate Indicates the SERVOPACK model and rating.
    3 Input Voltage --
    4 Charge Lights up when the main circuit power is turned on.
    Even if you turn OFF the main circuit power supply,this indicator will be lighting as long as the internal capacitor remains charged. Do not touch the main circuit or motor terminals while this indicator is lighting. Doing so may result in electric shocks.
    5 Main Circuit Terminals The terminals depend on the main circuit power supply input specifications of the SERVOPACK.
    6 Servo Motor Terminals
    The connection terminals for the servo motor main circuit cable (power line). 
    7 Ground Terminal The ground terminals to prevent electric shock. Always connect this terminal.
    8 485 Communication
    Connector (CN1,CN2)
    9 I/O Signal Connector (CN3) Connect to reference input signals and sequence I/O signals.
    10 Encoder Connector (CN4) Rotary servo motor: Connect to the encoder in the servo motor.
    Linear servo motor: Connect to a serial converter unit or linear encoder.
    11 Panel Display Used to display SERVOPACK status, alarm numbers, and parameters.
    12 Panel Operation keys Used to set parameters.
    13 Panel Operator --

    Servo Drive Dimension

    Servo driver for 200W 400W motor dimension

    Tips: Installation and wiring
    Installed in electrical control cabinet

    Due to the heating of electric devices in electrical control cabinet and thermal environment situation in cabinet, the temperature around servo driver will continue to rise. So considering about the configuration in the control cabinet and cooling of driver, it should be ensured that air temperature is under 50 degrees and relative humidity is under 90 percent. Long-term safe working temperature should be under 45 degrees.

    Vibratory equipment around
    Whichever anti-vibration measure could be adopted to guarantee servo driver unaffected, and vibration to be under 0.5G.

    Jamming devices around
    It strongly interferences the power wire and control wire of servo device when some jamming devices around the driver, which leads to wrong action of servo driver. A noise filter and any anti–interference method could be applied to assure driver working normally. Do pay attention to the increasing of leakage current after a noise filter added. To avoid this problem, an isolation transformer could be used.
    Take special notice: the control signal wire of servo driver is very susceptible to interference, therefor wiring and shielding protection should be reasonable.

    Existing reviews of AC Servo Drive for 200W-400W Servo Motor
    Perfect AC servo drive
    This AC servo drive is perfect, high functionality and closed loop control. I work in a food processing machinery factory, and this servo drive is very helpful for my servo motor.
    From: Colleen | Date: 03/08/2022
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    How can we specify the single phase 220V for your 3-phase servo driver?
    How can we specify the single phase 220V for your 3-phase servo driver? Is there any setting or wiring for that?
    From: Zane | Date: 28/09/2020
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    ATO Responded
    When using single-phase 220V for input, you can directly connect the controller's power input terminals R, S, or R, T, without any setting parameters.
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