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    How to Repair Servo Motor?

    No matter what kind of servo motor if been used for a long time may cause some small problems, then today we bring you six common methods to repair the servo motor in different causes.

    When the servo motor has small problems, not only to detect promptly but also to find the cause of these failures, we can prescribe the right medicine to repair the servo motor. The following are six common servo motor failures and the corresponding motor repair methods, details are as follows:

    1. The motor temperature rise too high or smoke motor failuredc servo motor

    • Cause
    1. Excessive load.
    2. Two-phase operation.
    3. Air duct obstruction.
    4. Higher ambient temperature.
    5. Stator winding phase to phase or turn to turn short circuit.
    6. Stator winding grounding.
    7. The power supply voltage is too high or too low.
    • Repair method
    1. Reduce the load or choose a large-capacity motor.
    2. Clear the air duct.
    3. Take cooling measures.
    4. Check the input power supply voltage with multimeter and voltmeter.

    2. The motor shell with the phenomenon of electric motor failure

    • Cause

    Winding moisture, insulation aging, or lead wire and junction box shell touch.

    • Repair method

    Corresponding motor repair method: dry, replace the winding.

    3. The motor vibration motor failure

    • Cause
    1. Rotor unbalance.
    2. Shaft bending.
    3. Belt disk unbalance.
    4. Uneven air gap produces unilateral magnetic tension.
    • Repair method
    1. Correct static and dynamic balance.
    2. Straighten the shaft or replace the shaft bending is not serious, you can turn away 1-2mm and then with the sleeve.
    3. Correct the balance.
    4. Readjustment.

    4. The current three-phase unbalanced motor failureato servo motor

    • Cause
    1. The power supply voltage is seriously insufficient.
    2. Three-phase turns are not equal.
    3. Internal wiring errors.
    • Repair method
    1. Check the power supply voltage.
    2. Replace the motor or deal with it.
    3. Correct the wiring.

    5. No-load current is large motor failure

    • Cause
    1. A large air gap of stator and rotor.
    2. Stator winding turns are too few.
    3. Improper assembly.
    • Repair method
    1. Adjust and make it reduce.
    2. Re-verify and wind.
    3. Reassembly.

    6. Insulation resistance to reduce motor failure

    • Causes
    1. Stator into the water moisture.
    2. Too much dust.
    3. Insulation damage.
    4. Insulation aging.
    • Repair method
    1. Drain the water to remove moisture.
    2. Clean up the accumulated dust.
    3. Replacement.

    The above content is all experience content collation, servo motor in the daily should be more to maintain and check, to avoid failure.

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