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    AC Servo Drive for 1kW-2.6kW Servo Motor

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    This provided servo motor drive is 1000W to 2.6kW output power, single-axis control, 30A current rating, three phase 220V AC voltage, 2500 lines incremental encoder or 17/23 bit absolute encoder of feedback, is commonly paired with 1kW to 2.6kW ATO servo motor.
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    AC Servo Drive for 1kW-2.6kW Servo Motor is designed for applications that require frequent high speed and high precision positioning. The SERVOPACK will make the most of machine performance in the shortest time possible, thus contributing to improve productivity.

    Servo Drive Specification

    Model ATO-SG-AS302600 (Click it to see more specifications)
    Matching Servo Motor Model ATO-SERVO-80S1000 (1000W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-130S1000 (1000W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-110S1200 (1200W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-130S1300 (1300W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-110S1500 (1500W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-130S1500 (1500W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-110S1800 (1800W servo motor)
    ATO-SERVO-130S2000 (2000W servo motor)
    Manual Servo Driver product Manual
    Servo Driver User Manual
    Output Power 1000W-2.6kW
    Voltage Three phase 220V AC
    Input Signal Type* Pulse + analog (±10V) signal or pulse signal (Optional)
    Current 30A
    Control Mode Position control, Speed control, JOG operation
    Communication Interface RS485 (standard), CAN, Ethercat for optional
    Software Free software to execute the application and monitor motor parameters can be provided. Please contact us if you need it.
    Encoder Feedback 2500 lines incremental encoder
    17/23 bit absolute encoder
    Structure Base-mounted type
    Weight 2.5 Kg
    Application for 1000W-2.6kW AC servo motor
    Operate Temperature 0℃~+50℃
    Humidity <90% (no frost)

    Note: Our AC Servo Drive will come with a RS485 control software, so you can only monitor the motor parameters through 485 communication, but you cannot use it to control the motor.

    Servo Drive Terminal Details

    Servo driver terminals detail

    NO. Name Description
    1 Front Cover --
    2 Nameplate Indicates the SERVOPACK model and rating.
    3 Input Voltage --
    4 Charge Lights up when the main circuit power is turned on.
    Even if you turn OFF the main circuit power supply,this indicator will be lighting as long as the internal capacitor remains charged. Do not touch the main circuit or motor terminals while this indicator is lighting. Doing so may result in electric shocks.
    5 Main Circuit Terminals The terminals depend on the main circuit power supply input specifications of the SERVOPACK.
    6 Servo Motor Terminals
    The connection terminals for the servo motor main circuit cable (power line). 
    7 Ground Terminal The ground terminals to prevent electric shock. Always connect this terminal.
    8 485 Communication
    Connector (CN1,CN2)
    9 I/O Signal Connector (CN3) Connect to reference input signals and sequence I/O signals.
    10 Encoder Connector (CN4) Rotary servo motor: Connect to the encoder in the servo motor.
    Linear servo motor: Connect to a serial converter unit or linear encoder.
    11 Panel Display Used to display SERVOPACK status, alarm numbers, and parameters.
    12 Panel Operation keys Used to set parameters.
    13 Panel Operator --

    Servo Drive Dimension



    servo driver for 1000W 2.6kW servo motor dimension

    The technology of AC servo is a reference and application of frequency conversion technique, based on the servo control in DC motor, it is achieved by simulating the control method of DC motor through the PWM mode of the variable-frequency. That is to say, frequency conversion is inevitable in the AC servo motor. The principle of frequency converter:

    1. Rectifying the AC power of 50, 60Hz into DC power;
    2. Through various gate controllable transistors (IGBT, IGCT, etc.), the DC power can be inverted to frequency-adjustable wave which is similar to the sinusoidal pulsating power by carrier frequency and PWM adjustment.

    Owing to the adjustable frequency, the speed of AC motor is tunable.

    Existing reviews of AC Servo Drive for 1kW-2.6kW Servo Motor
    AC Servo Drive is worth buying!
    I'm incredibly impressed with this high-quality AC Servo Drive, especially after using it during the electronic assembly process. It has significantly enhanced the precision of the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) function, allowing for precise control of the mounting head's movement on the circuit board. As a result, components are attached accurately to their designated positions, eliminating any issues with tilted SMT. What's more, the price of this AC Servo Drive is surprisingly affordable, making it a fantastic value for money. I wholeheartedly give it a five-star rating and a thumbs up for its exceptional performance and cost-effectiveness.
    From: aly | Date: 23/04/2024
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    AC Servo Drive
    I recently installed an AC servo drive, and the results have been nothing short of outstanding. This powerful combination has completely transformed the performance of my industrial application, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
    From: Hiroshi | Date: 29/10/2023
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