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    1000W AC Servo Motor, 4 Nm, 2500 rpm

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    Reasonable price and high precision brushless AC servo motor, rated speed of 2500 rpm, 1000W rated power, 4 Nm rated torque, 4.2 amps, 220V single or three phase input, equipped with a 2,500 PPR incremental / absolute encoder.
    SKU: ATO-SERVO-80S1000
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    Brushless design 1kW AC servo motor, 2500rpm low speed, rated torque of 4 Nm, peak torque up to 10 Nm. Industrial servo motor is suitable for a wide range of automation equipment and instruments in the field of motion control.


    Basics Model ATO80SY-M04025
    Matched Drive Model ATO-SG-AS302600 (Click it to the product page)
    Square Flange Size 80 mm
    Rated Power 1000 W
    Rated Voltage Single phase or three phase 220V AC
    Rated Current 4.2 A
    Rated Speed 2500 rpm
    Max Speed 3000 rpm
    Rated Torque 4 Nm
    Peak Torque 10 Nm
    Rotor Inertia 2.8x10-4 KG.m2
    Weight 3.8 Kg
    Technical Parameters Number of Pole Pairs 4
    Brake Voltage 24V DC
    Incremental Encoder Line 2500/5000 PPR
    Absolute Encoder 17/33 bit, 22/38 bit, 23/39 bit
    Structure Plastic packaging, self-cooling
    Vibration Under 2.5G
    Work System Continuous
    Installation Method Flange installation
    Insulation Class Class B
    Insulation and Voltage Resistance 1500V AC, 1 Min
    Insulation Resistance 500V DC, 10Ω above
    Safety Class IP54
    Warranty 12 months
    Environment Temperature 0℃ ~ +55℃
    Altitude Under 1000m
    Humidity <90%RH, (no dewing)


    • Accuracy: ATO AC servo motors realize closed-loop control of position, speed and torque, overcome the problem of stepper motor out-of-step.
    • Speed: Good high-speed performance, rated speed can reach 1000-3000 rpm.
    • Adaptability: ATO heavy duty servo motors with strong anti-overload capability, able to withstand a load three times the rated torque, especially suitable for occasions with instant load fluctuations and requiring quick start.
    • Stable: Our AC brushless servo motors have smooth low-speed operation, no stepping phenomenon similar to stepper motor will occur when running at low speed, suitable for occasions occasions requiring fast response.
    • Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds.
    • Safety: ATO AC servo motor protection grade is IP65, which meets the waterproof and dustproof requirements.

    Installation Dimension (unit=mm)

    Servo Motor without Brake Dimension

    80 series 1kw 4 Nm servo motor dimension

    L (Incremental/Absolute encoder): 197mm

    Servo Motor with Brake Dimension

    80 series 1000w servo motor with brake dimension

    L (with brake): 237mm

    *All above is the standard installation dimension, can be changed according to the customers' requirments.
    *Not hit the shaft, or the encoder in the other end would be damaged.

    Winding and Encoder Connection

    1. For servo motor winding

    Winding Wire U V W PE Braking Wiring Brake Brake
    Socket Number (Aerial Plug) 2 3 4 1 Socket Number 1 2
    Socket Number (Lead Type) 1 2 3 4 Brake Voltage 24V DC

    2. For incremental encoder

    Incremental Signal Definitions 5V 0V A+ B+ Z+ A- B- Z- U+ V+ W+ U- V- W- PE
    Socket Number (Aerial Plug) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1
    Socket Number (Lead Type) 2 3 9 4 7 13 14 5 6 10 11 8 12 15 1

    3. For absolute encoder

    Absolute Signal Definitions PE GND VB SD- GND 0V SD Vcc 5V
    Socket Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Tips: Servo motor does not run when the pulse is output, how to solve?

    1. Monitor the current pulse output value of controller and check if pulse output indicator lamp flashes to confirm that the controller has performed command pulse and has output pulse normally.
    2. Check if the control cable, power cable, encoder cable between controller and driver are matched incorrectly damaged or contacted poorly.
    3. Check if the brake of servo motor equipped with brake has been turned on.
    4. Monitor the panel of servo driver to confirm if the pulse command has been input.
    5. Run command is normal.
    6. For control mode, always choose position control mode.
    7. Check if the type of input pulse set by servo driver matches with that of command pulse.
    8. Ensure that positive side drive prohibition, negative side drive prohibition signals and deviation counter reset signal are not input and the servo motor runs normally if load is removed, then check the mechanical system.
    Existing reviews of 1000W AC Servo Motor, 4 Nm, 2500 rpm
    What modifications need to be made when the 1000W AC servo motor rotates continuously?
    What modifications need to be made when the 1000W AC servo motor rotates continuously?
    From: Almanzer | Date: 22/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    The servo drive needs to be connected with PLC or other analog control signals.
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