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    1 hp (750W) AC Servo Motor, 2.4 Nm, 3000 rpm

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    1 hp (750W) AC brushless servo motor, 2.4 Nm rated torque, peak torque of 7.2 Nm, rated current of 3.5A, rated speed of 3000 rpm, 2,500 PPR incremental encoder attached. Low cost and high speed servo motor, manufacturer direct sale.
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    750 watt AC servo motor for sales, brushless structure design, 2.4 Nm torque, 3000 rpm precise speed control, maximum speed up to 3600rpm. 1 hp electric servo motor is widely used in industrial automation, embroidery machines, printing machinery, CNC machine, wood carving and other fields.

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO80SY-M02430
    • Matched Drive Model: ATO-SG-AS151000
    • Rated Power: 750 W (1 hp)
    • Rated Voltage: Single phase or three phase 220V AC
    • Rated Current: 3.5 A
    • Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
    • Max Speed: 3600 rpm
    • Rated Torque: 2.4 Nm
    • Peak Torque: 7.2 Nm
    • Square Flange Size: 80 mm
    • Weight: 3 kg

    Technical Parameters

    • Number of Poles: 4 pairs
    • Rotor Inertia: 1.96x10-4 Kg.m2
    • Brake Voltage: 24V DC (Non polar requirement)
    • Incremental Encoder Line: 2500/5000 PPR (Optional)
    • Absolute Encoder: 17 bit, 23 bit (Optional)
    • Insulation Class: Class B
    • Insulation and Voltage Resistance: 1500V AC, 1 Min
    • Protection Grade: IP54


    1. Accuracy: ATO AC servo motors realize closed-loop control of position, speed and torque, overcome the problem of stepper motor out-of-step.
    2. Speed: Good high-speed performance, rated speed can reach 1000-3000 rpm.
    3. Adaptability: ATO heavy duty servo motors with strong anti-overload capability, able to withstand a load three times the rated torque, especially suitable for occasions with instant load fluctuations and requiring quick start.
    4. Stable: Our AC brushless servo motors have smooth low-speed operation, no stepping phenomenon similar to stepper motor will occur when running at low speed, suitable for occasions occasions requiring fast response.
    5. Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is short, generally within tens of milliseconds.
    6. Safety: ATO AC servo motor protection grade is IP65, which meets the waterproof and dustproof requirements.

    Installation Dimension (unit: mm)

    Servo Motor without Brake Dimension

    80 series 750w servo motor dimension

    L (Incremental/Absolute encoder): 158mm

    Servo Motor with Brake Dimension

    80 series 1 hp servo motor with brake dimension

    L (with brake): 198mm


    *All above is the standard installation dimension, can be changed according to the customers' requirments.
    *Not hit the shaft, or the encoder in the other end would be damaged.


    750W AC Servo Motor 80SY Details

    Winding and Encoder Connection

    750w ac servo motor line define

    Tips: Line number and accuracy of servo motor encoder

    Nowadays, many people think encoder has higher line number, then servo motor control accuracy would be higher, this leads to some people simply thought the poor equipment accuracy issue can be solved by using servo motor with high line number encoder. With mark line showing 10000, this is an ignorant pursuit, pay high cost for this encoder, it might be not helpful, instead it might bring much trouble.
    Encoder type should match the property of servo motor. Mark line of DC servo motor encoder should match groove number of DC motor. Mark line of AC servo motor encoder should match the pole number and phase number of AC servo motor. The purpose is mark line is the integral multiple of motor stepping, in the case, inspection signal of code would be integer, no decimal, no deviation. Refer to incremental type and absolute type encoder, the difference is incremental type only has second hand, the same as the timer without minute hand and hour hand.
    The main function of encoder is to check servo operation step, revolution, can output the information for actual operation, i.e. origin position, steering etc. The system purpose is accurate control for the driven work piece position, displacement and speed. The control accuracy is unrelated with encoder mark line, as long as encoder can accurately detect the steps.

    Existing reviews of 1 hp (750W) AC Servo Motor, 2.4 Nm, 3000 rpm
    I need to replace the DC servo motor
    I need to replace the DC servo motor.
    If an AC servo motor is cheaper I prefer an AC servo motor.
    But I need to control the constant speed with a potentiometer for the x,y, and z axe on conventional milling.
    From: iris | Date: 26/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Our AC servo motor has the function of controlling constant speed with a potentiometer for x, y, and z axe on conventional milling.
    What voltage and speed of the motor do you need, and how much torque do you need? Is there any requirement for the size of the motor?
    This servo motor only suit motors/cables
    Our PO numbers were PO_4147 and PO_4294. I believe they were for motors/cables only, not drives. The equipment with the motors is on the road right now. I will be able to get pictures of the nameplates and connectors and send them to you on Tuesday 2/21.
    From: skyla | Date: 02/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Thanks for the update, we noticed that this order was 942249 from last year.
    Please check the connector plug model used by the servo motor for your reference:
    1. Motor power line plug: four-core female straight plug XS16K4TP (pinner type)
    2, Encoder plug: seven-core female straight plug XS16K7TP (pin type)
    3. Brake plug: aviation plug straight plug-three-pin female XS12K3P blue rubber core
    Questions about the 750W servo motor
    For your 750W servo motor, on your web site, it appears to be 3 phases. Do you have an alternate motor and driver capable of running on 230V 1 phase?
    From: Melissae | Date: 19/01/2022
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    ATO Responded
    For up to 1kW servo motor capacity, it runs on 1-phase, 220V.
    Servo motor use
    I have looked a little more into your website and reconsidered my requirements.
    I found:
    400W brushless DC motor (ATO-BLDC-400R3)
    400W AC servo motor (ATO-SERVO-60S400)
    I would like to know the weight of both – and then I would like to know if a gear can be built onto the ac servo motor, and if it can be used continuously.
    I am going to use the motor in a milling machine setup – which should be portable for a human (so she/he has to be able to lift it ). That’s why weight is so important for me.
    Hope you can help.
    From: Blew | Date: 24/12/2021
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    ATO Responded
    400W brushless DC motor (ATO-BLDC-400R3) -3kg
    400W AC servo motor (ATO-SERVO-60S400) -2kg
    "I would like to know if a gear can be built onto the ac servo motor, and if it can be used continuously"
    Yes, you can work like that.
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