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    What is a Single Phase VFD?

    VFD (Variable-frequency Drive) is widely used in industrial automation field to improve industrial production efficiency and save business cost. It is a kind of power control equipment to control AC motor by changing the working frequency of motor, which can realize the functions of soft starting, variable frequency speed regulation, improving the running accuracy, changing power factor, over-current/over-voltage/overload protection for AC asynchronous motor.

    Variable Frequency Drive Price List

    ATO sells VFD's power range from 1/2hp to 300hp, include single phase input and output VFDs from 1/2hp to 7.5hp, 110v/120v input VFDs from 1hp to 7.5hp, single phase input to three phase output VFDs from 1/2hp to 10hp, three phase input/output VFDs from 1hp to 300hp. All VFDs are manufacturer direct sale and quality guaranteed. Widely used in fans, pumps, lathes, cable machinery, printing and dyeing equipment, chemical machinery, plastic machinery, etc. The following are ATO variable frequency drive price lists for your reference. If you want more information, please go to ATO VFD products page.

    120v VFD setup for 1-phase/3-phase 220v motor

    A device that converts alternating current with constant voltage and frequency into alternating current with variable voltage or frequency is called "variable frequency drive". VFD has the functions of voltage regulation, frequency modulation, voltage stabilization, speed regulation etc. VFD is generally used to control 3 phase AC motor in variable speeds. Now the three phase 220v-240v motor can run on single phase 120v power supply. ATO offers you 110v/120v input, 220v/230v/240v output VFDs. It can not only realize single phase input & output, but also convert single phase to three phase.
    Single phase 120v input VFD

    Using VFD for single phase motor

    Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), aka variable speed drive (VSD), generally it's using for controlling 3-phase AC motor in variable speeds. It's important to know, control 1-phase motor speed by a VFD may cause overheat of the motor, as well as the service life. It's recommended to upgrade the motor to three phase AC motor, which you can also connect the 3-phase motor to single phase power supply by using a single phase to three phase VFD, then control the speeds. Anyway, in technical it's possible to use a VFD for single phase motor speed controls, here ATO will show you details about running a single phase motor on a VFD.
    ATO Single Phase VFD

    How to use VFD for single phase motor?

    Using VFD for speed regulating has many advantages. Many small power motors adopt single phase power supply. How to use VFD to regulate speed for single phase motors? ATO will provide the following methods.