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    120v VFD setup for 1-phase/3-phase 220v motor

    A device that converts alternating current with constant voltage and frequency into alternating current with variable voltage or frequency is called "variable frequency drive". VFD has the functions of voltage regulation, frequency modulation, voltage stabilization, speed regulation etc. VFD is generally used to control 3 phase AC motor in variable speeds. Now the three phase 220v-240v motor can run on single phase 120v power supply. ATO offers you 110v/120v input, 220v/230v/240v output VFDs. It can not only realize single phase input & output, but also convert single phase to three phase.
    Next, ATO will show you details about running 1 phase and 3 phase motors on 120v VFD. For the purpose of illustration, ATO selected 2 hp (1.5 kW) VFD and 1hp (0.75 kW) 3 phase AC induction motor.

    I. Wiring

    1. Connect VFD L and N terminals to 120V AC powerSingle phase 120v input VFD terminal supply.
    2. Connect three phase asynchronous motor U, V and W terminals to VFD output port, then power on the VFD.
    3. Since this VFD has built-in PV function, select FE and set FE-00 to 0, which means PV function is turned off. It will be working as normal variable frequency drive.
    4. Set FE-03, 0 means three phase motor, 1 means single phase motor keeping capacitor, 2 means single phase motor removing capacitor.

    II. VFD parameter setting: Function parameter group F0

    Single phase120v input VFD keypad mode F0-00

    1. Set types of motor (F0-00), command source selection (F0-02), main frequency source X selection (F0-03), preset frequency (F0-08) and rotation direction (F0-09).
    2. Set maximum frequency (F0-10), upper limit frequency given method (F0-11) and VFD running frequency (F0-12).
    3. F0-13 ~ F0-16, let them be the default.
    4. Set acceleration time (F0-17), deceleration time (F0-18) and acceleration/deceleration time unit (F0-19).
    5. Set serial communication protocol (F0-28).

    III. VFD parameter setting: Motor parameter group F1

    Single phase 120v input VFD keypad mode F1-00

    1. Set motor type (F1-00), rated motor power (F1-01) and rated motor voltage (F1-02).
    2. Set rated motor current (F1-03) and rated motor frequency (F1-04).
    3. Set rated motor rotational speed (F1-05).

    Press RUN button, the motor starts to rotate. KEYPAD currently displays the motor current. We can also switch it to see the voltage and frequency. If the display current is greater than the rated current, please press STOP immediately. 

    Buy 120v input VFDs on, power capacity starts from 1 hp to 7.5 hp.

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