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    What is a Single Phase VFD?

    VFD (Variable-frequency Drive) is widely used in industrial automation field to improve industrial production efficiency and save business cost. It is a kind of power control equipment to control AC motor by changing the working frequency of motor, which can realize the functions of soft starting, variable frequency speed regulation, improving the running accuracy, changing power factor, over-current/over-voltage/overload protection for AC asynchronous motor.

    2 Important Advantages of Industrial Endoscope

    Industrial endoscope compared with other detection tools, is there are a lot of advantages, which will check process dynamically record the function of the most prominent, fixing the product parts, in addition, can also record check live, it is more convenient for maintenance personnel, the use of the electronic display screen can observe the on-site fault. In this article, we will introduce 2 important advantages of industrial endoscope.

    What are the Advantages of Hub Motors?

    Hub motor omits a large number of transmission components, so that the vehicle structure is simpler, conducive to the battery pack arrangement so that the vehicle floor structure is simpler, but also has a hub motor significantly increased the under spring-mass, but also increased the rotational inertia of the hub, which is not conducive to the vehicle's handling performance, the following ATO will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the hub motor for you.

    What are the Advantages of Magnetic Sweepers?

    Features of ATO magnetic sweepers

    • The magnetic roller adopts movable magnetic system inside, made of rare-earth permanent magnetic material, with high suction force and no loss of magnetism for 30 years.
    • The vehicle connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design to ensure easy and quick installation and disassembly.
    • The collection box adopts large capacity design to ensure complete cleaning at one time and reduce the waste of working hours during the work.
    • With magnetic system adjustment plate, the angle of the magnetic system can be adjusted at will to suit the actual needs.

    magnetic sweepers applications

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Pressure Booster

    The principle of air booster pump is to produce high hydraulic pressure of small area piston by using low pressure of large area piston. The air booster pump is used in the working environment where the original air pressure system needs to increase the pressure. It can increase the air pressure of the working system to 2-5 times, only the compressed air in the working system can be used as the air source. The pump is suitable for single air source pressurization. ATO provides professional high-quality gas booster pumps as follows, which will describe their advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages and Applications of Soft Start

    Soft start technology is an emerging technology for controlling and starting motors. Nowadays, it has received extensive attention from modern people and is actively used in enterprise production activities. This technology can smoothly start the motor, reduce the voltage well, and can also compensate and frequency the motor, thereby effectively reducing the adverse impact of the motor starting on the power grid and related equipment, thereby effectively protecting various related equipment. Soft start technology has incomparable advantages compared with traditional start technology.