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    What are the Advantages of Hub Motors?

    Hub motor omits a large number of transmission components, so that the vehicle structure is simpler, conducive to the battery pack arrangement so that the vehicle floor structure is simpler, but also has a hub motor significantly increased the under spring-mass, but also increased the rotational inertia of the hub, which is not conducive to the vehicle's handling performance, the following ATO will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the hub motor for you.

    Advantages of hub motors

    1. Omit a large number of transmission components, making the vehicle structure simpler.

    For traditional vehicles, clutch, transmission, driveshaft, differential, and even splitter are essential, and these components are not only lightweight, making the vehicle structure more complex, but also have the problem of regular maintenance and failure rate. But hub motors are a good solution to this problem. In addition to the simpler structure, a vehicle with a hub motor drive can achieve better space utilization and higher transmission efficiency.

    2. A variety of complex driving methods can be realized.

    Because of the independent drive characteristics of the individual wheels, it is relatively easy to achieve either front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and full-time four-wheel drive is very easy to achieve in a hub motor-driven vehicle. At the same time, the wheel hub motor can realize the differential steering similar to the tracked vehicle through the different rotation speeds of the left and right wheels or even reversing, which greatly reduces the turning radius of the vehicle and can realize almost in-situ steering under special circumstances (however, the wear and tear on the steering mechanism and tires of the vehicle is greater at this time), which is valuable for special vehicles.

    3. Easy to adopt a variety of new energy vehicle technology.

    New energy models are a lot of electric drive, so the wheel motor drive will also come in handy. Whether it is a pure electric or fuel cell electric vehicle, or an extended-range electric vehicle, you can use the wheel hub motor as the main drive; even for hybrid models, you can also use the wheel hub motor as a start or rapid acceleration assistance, can be said to be a multi-purpose machine. At the same time, many of the technologies of new energy vehicles, such as brake energy recovery (i.e. regenerative braking) can also be easily simple 8poomented in the wheel hub motor drive model

    Besides, the hub motors also have disadvantages:

    1. Increase the underscoring mass and wheel hub inertia, the vehicle's handling impact.

    For ordinary civilian vehicles, often use some relatively lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy to produce suspension components, in order to reduce the underscoring mass and improve the response speed of the suspension. However, hub motors happen to increase the unsprung mass significantly and also increase the rotational inertia of the hub, which is not good for the vehicle's handling performance. However, considering that electric vehicles are mostly limited to transportation rather than the pursuit of power performance, this is not yet the biggest drawback.

    2. Electric braking performance is limited, maintaining the braking system needs to consume a lot of electrical energy.

    Nowadays, many traditional power commercial vehicles have been equipped with the use of eddy current braking principle (also known as resistance braking) auxiliary deceleration equipment, such as many trucks with electric retarders. And because of the energy relationship, electric brakes are also preferred for electric vehicles, but for the wheel motor-driven vehicles, due to the wheel motor system of electric braking capacity is small, can not meet the requirements of the braking performance of the vehicle, are required to attach a mechanical braking system, but for ordinary electric passenger cars, without the traditional internal combustion engine-driven vacuum pump, electric vacuum pump to provide brake assistance, but it also means that there is Even if the regenerative braking can recover some energy, the energy consumed by the braking system is one of the important factors affecting the range of electric vehicles if the effectiveness of the braking system is to be ensured.

    Hub motor technology has a wide range of applications, but it does not exclude the bottleneck that it has not broken through, and hopefully it can progress more upward in the future. The above is all about the advantages and disadvantages of hub motors related to the introduction, if you want to buy a 250W gear hub motor10-inch hub motor3000W gearless hub motor, etc. welcome to contact us.

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